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Antique Ashtrays

As much a collector’s item today as they were useful in the past, antique ashtrays are beguiling home décor pieces that add intrigue and vibrancy to any space. Whether it’s a grand black jasper and gold piece from 19th-century Russian or a cheeringly colour antique glass ashtray from early 20th-century Venice, you’ll discover a striking piece or two for your space at Vinterior.

Our collection of antique ashtrays has been painstakingly hand-selected by trusted sellers across the UK and Europe. Helping you to find one-of-a-kind pre-owned pieces to build a characterful home. Due to its high melting point and versatility for craftspeople, glass has always been a popular choice of material for ashtrays. In our marketplace, you’ll rare antique glass ashtrays crafted from Murano glass in a dizzying array of colours and motifs. We also have novelty-shaped brass designs alongside Royal Doulton match strikers and more.

Explore all the antique ashtrays for sale in our curated collection below. Search by material or browse the whole collection till you find your perfect match. Then buy direct from a trusted seller at Vinterior today.

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The history of antique ashtrays

For thousands of years humans have been smoking tobacco. From tribal traditions to the palazzos of Venice, the ritual of smoking has always endeared itself to grandeur and style. The need for ashtrays grew in Europe as tobacco was introduced from the Americas in the sixteenth century, with cigarettes becoming highly fashionable for men or women in Victorian times. Then, when aristocratic women started smoking at the turn of the twentieth century, ashtrays had their moment. Designed to appeal to a feminine audience, they were made to be beautiful as well as functional. That’s why so many of the antique ashtrays in our marketplace are imbued with stylistic designs and intricate details.

How to style an al fresco smoking space

Add a characterful piece of history to your garden or courtyard with an antique glass ashtray perched on a wrought iron table. A small area in your garden is perfect for this specific purpose, featuring rustic outdoor furniture and antique pots and planters from Vinterior.

How to build an antique ashtray collection

Antique ashtrays make excellent collector’s items. They’re small, easy to display, and contain interesting details, especially when you pair a couple of different styles together. In addition, our collection includes antique ashtrays crafted from fine materials such as silver, blown glass, painted pottery and ornate metalwork. Some are free-standing, but others would be perfect for display on an antique side table. To search our selection of antique ashtrays by material, use the Advanced Sidebar search.

Which materials are antique ashtrays available in?

In the Vinterior edit, you’ll find an array of materials. A perennial favourite among smokers and collectors, antique silver ashtrays were popular in the first half of the twentieth century. Styles vary from Brutalist (with splashes of bronze at either end) to delicate silver and gold plated designs depicting different scenes. You’ll also find antique porcelain ashtrays made between 1900-1920, created in the Art Noveau style and characterised by their decorations which feature long, asymmetrical lines and curves.

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