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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Industrial Bar Stools

There’s no denying it, industrial design style is on-trend. En vogue, bold and featuring some quite simply brilliant designs, industrial-style furniture adds contemporary flair to any space. And what could be more cool and contemporary than a bolshy set of industrial-style bar stools?Whether you're kitting out your kitchen, decking out a dining room or blinging up your home bar, industrial bar stools are simply one of the best choices of seating around. Boisterous kids running around? Pets in and out of the garden? No problem–with their workhorse roots, these beauties are built to last. Sturdy, steely and robust, industrial bar stools give you the functionality you need as well as offering minimal, elegant design that fits effortlessly into any style of space.Our collection of vintage stools has everything you’ll need to find the perfect industrial pair for your space. Check out our selection of vintage swivel top stools with seats finished in wood, metal and fabric. Or take a look at some of our personal favourites from our chic French industrial bar stools from the 1950s. Sit back, relax, and get exploring.

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Why choose industrial bar stools?

The industrial look is one of the most popular contemporary interior design styles around. Bold, simple and statement, industrial furniture really holds its own in any space. Totally unpretentious with their workhorse roots, industrial furniture pieces are truly built to last. Our selection of industrial bar stools are no exception.

Study, functional and flattering. These are the essential prerequisites when it comes to any kitchen furnishings. From cooking up a storm to homework central, the kitchen is often the busiest room in the house, which means usually it gets hit the hardest by any wear and tear. Industrial bar stools have got you covered when you want something that's going to look great in your space but also keep you covered with durability.

The most robust stools on the block, but also downright deliciously trendy, industrial bar stools are one of the best choices of stool for your breakfast bar. Stylish, sturdy and strong, industrial bar stools are sure to last you a lifetime of coffee mornings.

Industrial bar stools in all styles

Our wide collection of industrial bar stools offers styles to suit all homes. If you’ve got an all wooden finish to your kitchen tops, bar stools with a natural wood seat set on the classic thin metal legs can blend perfectly whilst adding a pop of industrial character. If you’re decked out with a granite or marble finish, all-metal industrial stools or even those with a fabric seat can look fabulous. If you’re after more of a throwback look, check out some of our vintage retro stools.

Pro tip—to create cohesion between your furnishings, choose industrial stools that match at least one design element in your space. For example, you can select seat tops that match or complement the wall trim of the room or match metal legs to chrome taps or finishes. Searching for the right industrial bar stools for your space is easy. Simply adjust our handy filters to view items according to style, material, colour, era and more.

French industrial bar stools

French industrial bar stools are a popular option from our industrial furniture collection. In French industrial pieces, you’ll notice the usual hallmarks of the industrial era, including reclaimed character and practical purpose, with that added touch of French sensibility. French industrial style is one of our personal favourites—the furniture evocative of that refined, sophisticated French design we all adore.

Tiny, delicate details, like spindles on an iron post, rounded corners, or tapered legs, incorporate a unique softness to French industrial design bar stools—fine details that you simply don’t see on more modern furniture designs. French industrial bar stools add both quirk and elegance to any room they’re in. They’ll look fabulous in a French industrial style kitchen, a feature in a large bathroom or as extra seating in a living area.

With our vintage vault of industrial stools constantly evolving, don't delay, and hunt for your perfect little workhorse stools today.

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