Antique Occasional Chairs

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As Brian Clough very confidently said, “When I go, God's going to have to give up his favourite chair.”
We all deserve to feel like a God in our own homes, so let’s apply Clough’s motto to our day-to-day lives.

What is an occasional chair?

The occasional chair, or alternatively known as an accent chair, is ambiguous in meaning but versatile and fitting to any purpose depending on your home. It is functional but handy to provide extra seating. It can provide a striking, distinct and unique exclamation point to your home.
While the chair is often an underlooked piece to a home, it can be the defining element or feature to your room. It ties together a look, or brings it into focus, or just provides an unexpected contrast to shake things up.
Luckily, an antique occasional chair can be any colour, form, style or shape. It can also be upholstered in any form, patterned, solid or combined.

Origin of the Antique Occasional Chair

From the Ancient to Medieval period, many civilisations used benches for sitting unlike the wealthy and powerful elite, who used individual seating as symbols of power and status. Antique occasional chairs were therefore associated with royalty and nobility.
Egyptians, for example, believed that chairs needed to represent natural forms to avoid creating chaos in the universe through the act of creating an artificial object. The characteristics of Roman chairs were of marble adorned with sphinxes.
Passing from these historic examples to the medieval period, we find the chair monopolized by the ruler, lay or ecclesiastical. The Antique Occasional Chair acted as the seat of authority at the head of the lord's table or by the side of his bed.

Common styles and types of Antique Occasional Chairs

Looking for a remarkable, meaningful and distinct Antique occasional chair? Here are some common styles below.

Slipper Chair

This is basically an arm chair with cut off arms. This type of occasional chair is renowned for its sleek, streamlined design.

Barrel Chair

This occasional chair has a rounded high back with high arms. This style oozes comfort and is commonly styled in upholstery and plentiful padding.

Wingback Chair

This classical piece has been used for centuries in formal settings or libraries. It has a tall back and winged sides. This occasional chair is handy for fireplaces, entryways or for desks.