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Pierre Paulin Chairs

The mushroom chair got us spellbound, and no, there's no toadstool to complement it. French designer Pierre Paulin distinguished himself with this armchair in its original shape, exuberant colours and revolutionary techniques, that exude softness and solace, he built something of a feminine silhouette. The inspiration behind the Pierre Paulin chair derived from women in bathing suits. While Pierre Paulin was watching, he noted their swimming costumes' shape and contour sheath. The seamless one-piece stretch cover was one of his new processes and represented his whole expression.

Pierre's vision and craftsmanship allowed him to contribute something entirely new to furniture design. He joined Dutch furniture company Artifort in 1958 and quickly established a name for himself with a range of innovative designs, including the mushroom and orange slice chair. Looking back at his work, it's clear Paulin's experimentation with fabric and objects was different from most famous designers. Pivoting the brand towards a global market, he thrilled an international audience with his fresh designs, language of innovation and driven personality, he dedicated his life to creating dining chairs, sofas, stools, and comfort sculptures with a sleek aesthetic look. Discover Paulin's timeless pieces that have earned their place in history.

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All about the Pierre Paulin seating collection

Furniture and interior designer Pierre Paulin saw his peak in the swinging 60s, as an innovator and revolutionary who changed our lives with his everyday furniture. Recognised for his elegant but cosy chairs, shaped like everyday objects mushrooms, oysters, and tulips, Pierre Paulin chair designs are admired and embraced by interior designers and creatives today. Paris-born in 1927, Pierre Paulin from the very beginning was fortunate enough to be in the presence of significant role models who would have a profound impact on the future of his design practice. His uncle, Georges Paulin, was a prominent car designer with an eye for aerodynamics and a keen interest to incorporate function and form into his designs, and his great uncle Freddy Stoll was a sculptor and led Pierre by example, showing him how to execute an idea while retaining basic design principles. Pierre Paulin studied at the Camondo school in Paris in his early days and worked for Marcel Gascoin's workshop, a French furniture specialist. After graduation, Pierre's first success was acknowledged when he participated in the "Salon des Arts Ménagers", his creations were published for the first time. Pierre Paulin dining chairs and sofas surged in popularity and Paulin's talent was instantly recognised; Artifort approached him to join the company as a freelance designer.

The Artifort years

In collaboration with Artifort in 1958, Paulin began his investigation on his famed stretch fabric covers. The seamless one-piece stretch cover technique revolutionised the approach to how some of his seats were designed. Pierre's vision and talented skills permitted him to contribute something downright new to furniture design. Paulin defined his use of flowing shapes and flexible "bathing suit" materials to create an intended softness. His explanation of "softness" and "comfort " distinguished him from the rest; it represented his ability to think up new design processes that have earned their place in history today. Pierre Paulin sofas remain highly sought-after, with comfort taking priority over form. Paulin's progressive designs and pop art colours in his chairs and seats are across the globe; his new and modern swinging sixties and seventies expressions will always be some of the world's most famous designs. Hang out on his recliner or sink into one of his sofa creations; they are designs that are here to stay.

Whether you’re looking for your first ever designer piece or you are on the hunt for an elusive classic for a client, you’re sure to find the Pierre Paulin chair or sofa that you’re after right here.

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