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Sometimes a space needs a little extra something to make it work. In the lounge, for example, the decadently deep three-seater sofa and generous easy chair may be in place, the coffee table may be practical and look great, but there’s something missing. Or, upstairs, the landing may seem a little unfinished, or the guest bedroom somehow bare. Victorian side tables could be the answer you are looking for. Produced in a dazzling array of styles, sizes and heights, these handy pieces are both practical and pretty, lending a touch of Victorian finesse wherever it’s required. Discover for yourself how Victorian side tables can complete a look when you browse the range at Vinterior.

Why choose Victorian side tables?

The Victorians were nothing if not industrious and one piece of evidence for this is the number of ‘work tables’ that survive from the era. These, rather than being the sorts of chunky, high table you might expect to find in a workshop, are small and somewhat dainty tables that would have lived in the parlour or kitchen. Designed as a place for ladies to rest their needlepoint, darning, novel or scrapbook, they are higher than the standard coffee table and they make a wonderful spot for some extra lighting, a vase of flowers or a cuppa. The best among them even feature a handy drawer and some are modelled on the writing desk, providing a place to pen a letter from the comfort of your armchair.

Playing cards grew in popularity among the genteel classes during Queen Victoria’s reign and tables designed specifically for play make excellent side tables in today’s homes. Placed in a bay window, a card table dating from the 1860s, made of quality walnut with carved, out-swept legs and its original casters is a lovely sight. Or, how about a late Victorian, circular pedestal table carved in the Arts & Crafts style? Dainty yet practical, these work brilliantly placed alongside the sofa as a receptacle for your wine glass and remote control.

Around the same time, tortoise shell bamboo and wicker furniture enjoyed a boom in popularity. Authentic Victorian bamboo isn’t as readily available as it once was but if you’re fortunate enough to find one, side tables in this material look uber-stylish and work very well in a contemporary home. For a truly feminine feel, look out for rosewood sewing tables with cabriole legs and stunning floral inlay designs on their surfaces. These open up like a piano stool, with sectioned-off and sometimes upholstered spaces inside for ladies to hide away the sewing projects they were working on.

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Furniture carries the character of its designer and maker, as well as of the time in which it was created. By buying vintage you are reaching back through time to borrow from the heritage of a different period. The techniques used to build a table, chair or cabinet, the people it was originally designed to appeal to and the feel of the zeitgeist, are all contained within it, ready to enrich your home’s look and ambiance.

Why not take your time, grab a coffee and really explore the full Vinterior range? The antique furniture, contemporary design and renovated retro goods that we showcase change on a daily basis so there’s always something new and intriguing to catch your eye. Take inspiration from the meticulous work that’s gone into these exquisite pieces.