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Queen Victoria reigned during arguably the most transformational period in British history. The Industrial Revolution was underway, and its momentum was reaching into every corner of daily life. Locomotive engines, weaving machines, mechanised mining and telegraphs were all brand new concepts. In this period, gas lights and, eventually, electricity, were replacing chandeliers, candelabra and beeswax candles. Illuminated homes and streets represented an absolute step-change. People were accustomed to living according to the sun’s routine, so Victorian floor lamps, particularly earlier ones, were created at a time when electricity was a magical idea that only those with real money could experience. Take a look at the Victorian floor lamps currently offered here at Vinterior and discover some antique designs that can make your home look truly unique and characterful.

Why choose Victorian floor lamps?

Whether you want some light to read beneath when you are curled up on the sofa; you are hoping to draw attention to the wonderful original coving and artwork in a particularly well thought out corner of your home; or you just need a little extra general light, the Victorian floor lamp delivers on many levels. Plus, that extra height adds a new dimension to your space, catching the eye and leading it to new places.

The classic Victorian look of high-gloss, dark quality wood carved into sumptuous curves and set off with ornate detailing, was used with relish to design and make floor lamps. However, while some Victorian floor lamps can clearly be seen to conform to the aesthetics of the period, others are less obviously of their time. Look out for floor lamps in solid brass with multiple bulbs. Sometimes featuring a Corinthian pillar and adjustable heights, these stunning lamps deviate from the classic turned walnut styles and have a slightly more modern edge. Others have a simple shape, but their brass pillars are intricately engraved with patterns and look striking polished up to catch the light they create. Renovated to meet modern Health & Safety requirements, they make a stunning addition to a stylish room.

Victorian floor lamps for every decor

Towards the end of the Victorian period, wrought iron enjoyed a fashionable moment as the Edwardians had beds, railings, gates, fireplaces, and more made using its curling, intertwined shapes. Wrought iron floor lamps are still on the market to this day and it’s possible to pick up a very well reconditioned one at a reasonable price. If the industrial look is something that you are keen to incorporate in your home, you could do worse than choose one of these raw and edgy designs. Around the same time, albeit not in Britain, Tiffany lamps, with their colourful glass shades and stylised botanical designs, entered the market. These too bridged the gap between Victorian and Edwardian style, with the younger generation embracing the new and choosing styles that varied from the classic mid-19th century looks.

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A Victorian floor lamp is the perfect piece to bring some 19th century charm into your home. The right antiques can also be practical additions to the modern property when carefully selected. And they can provide a clear sense of the time in which they were designed to those who interact with them.

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