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A bookcase can make a statement in any room in your home. No longer restricted to just the study, bookcases offer diverse storage solutions that make them more than just essentials for self-confessed bookworms. As well as providing the storage space required to keep the rest of the living space neat and tidy, a bookcase is an opportunity to showcase other decorations such as picture frames, pot plants, ornaments and, of course, your library of classic literature. Sparking everything from cosy snugs to inspired open plan living areas, the rustic style provides the perfect blend of charm and character for living areas. While you may believe that a rustic bookcase is more at home in a farmhouse style kitchen than in a modern home, a rustic bookcase can actually act as a fantastic counterpoint in modern spaces that are otherwise a little on the plain side with little texture. The rustic trend celebrates the organic, raw and natural materials and hues that transcend every season. The timeless beauty of the rustic look isn’t lost on us, or on our customers, and as a result we showcase several rustic collections, including a broad range of rustic bookcases. Shop the rustic look today by browsing furniture pieces that make this authentic aesthetic standout.

Why choose a rustic bookcase?

Owning the homespun style is easy thanks to our diverse collection of rustic bookcases. Available in numerous finishes and sizes, our bookcases help interiors big and small embrace the warm, raw and reclaimed beauty that the rustic movement is all about. Traditionally the rustic trend may not be cutting edge or innovative. It’s been a much loved style for years, yet it still features on hot décor trend lists as each season passes. Using weathered woods, organic materials and earthy tones, the rustic look is enduring for several reasons, making our rustic bookcases long time bestsellers.

Your warm rustic interior is the perfect place to house one of our vintage, antique or reclaimed bookcases. With most made from natural materials, such as oak, mahogany and pine, our rustic bookcases have that organic edge that will make your wider look as authentic as possible. You may think that a book case is simply a matter of a worn oak frame and a few shelves, but many of the listings you will find here at Vinterior are slightly more intricate. Some feature a number of different sectionals and pigeon hole units while others come complete with drawers or double-door units. If you are fortunate to live in a home with expansive rooms, you may even wish to consider one of our more substantial bookcases stretching nearly 3 metres high – some even come with their own ladder!

Going vintage or antique doesn’t have to mean outdated. Our bookcases sport the timeless elegance that never goes out of fashion. When it comes to selecting a bookcase that complements your rustic theme, choosing the right wood is, of course, important. Depending on the nature of your surroundings and the colour scheme for your home, you may need to think about both the grain of the wood and the staining used to protect the timber. Search among the oak, teak and pine options as a starting point.

Why Vinterior?

At Vinterior, you’ll find the antique, vintage, repurposed and upcycled furniture you need to capture the rustic look. Whether our pieces are many decades old or a little more contemporary, each bookcase has a backstory and uniqueness that is simply unbeatable when compared with newly manufactured, high street items.

Shop our collection of rustic bookcases now to get the look.

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