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Whether you are looking for a cool way to bring a little old-fashioned glamour into your kitchen or dining area, or you need a practical seating solution for your breakfast bar, retro bar stools bring an inimitable character and personality into wherever you choose to place them. Whatever your taste and spatial requirements, you’ll find a wonderful array of charming retro bar stools by browsing through our online marketplace here at Vinterior.

Retro bar stools: in detail

Because ‘retro’ covers a huge number of different styles, motifs and time periods, you’re sure to find the perfect bar stool to suit your home by searching in the retro section provided here at Vinterior. Discover amazing mid-century items that are in perfect condition. Creations from designers like Borge Mogensen and Norman Churner are iconic, and embody the essence of this era in design. Minimalism, sleek, clean shapes and a blend of organic with geometric shapes are some of the fantastic features to look out for in bar stools of this period.

If you’re looking for a full set of retro bar stools and a bar to go with it, you’re in luck. You can find original mid-century tiki bar stools and matching bar, to bring a touch of nostalgic charm to both a traditional home or an ultra-modern flat. The beauty of retro is that it is immune to modern-day fads and trends, providing you with years of enjoyment (and plenty of conversations at parties) without worrying that it will go out of fashion.

If you are looking for something a little rustic, choose a retro wooden bar stool from the 1950s, or if you need something solid and functional, but with a vintage twist, why not opt for a reclaimed laboratory bar stool from the 1960s? If you’re feeling nostalgic for the 70s, pick up an original set of tan leather-seated stools, complete with stylish chrome casters. If you love the shabby chic look, find a quirky industrial bar stool from the 1980s, complete with original chrome casters, or discover an upcycled piece that has a blend of materials and decorations from different eras.

Whichever style and period of bar stools captures your imagination, you’ll find it at our online marketplace.

Get inspired by retro furniture

You don’t need to know anything about interior design, or anything about history for that matter, to appreciate the charm of retro furniture. Add instant character and nostalgia to even the most minimalist living space by incorporating gems that remind you of your childhood, and have a story behind them. While brand new furniture can be a temptingly safe option, why not instead find a piece that really reflects your character and helps you express your personality? Perhaps you’ll find a one-off piece that will be the focal point of a room, or maybe you’ll discover a set of affordable furniture that will is the practical and comfortable solution you’ve been looking for.

Whatever your personal taste, get inspired by the ever-growing and ever-changing collection of furniture and home accessories in our marketplace.

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We are proud to be the UK’s leading online marketplace for antique, vintage, retro and contemporary furniture. With a network of more than 1000 trusted sellers from up and down the country, a visit to our website ensures that you enjoy the best choice when it comes to a heritage gem – and that includes retro bar stools.