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The tub chair has been around in one form or another since the 1700s, and a very early example dates back to the court of French king Louis XV. Rattan tub chairs were particularly popular during the mid-years of the 20th century thanks to their elegant appearance yet robust nature. Intricate, elegantly shaped and incredibly eye-catching a vintage rattan tub chair is quite unlike any other form of seating in the home. And for that reason it can make a beautiful addition to your home. Explore our gorgeous selection of rattan tub chairs and bring history to your home today.

Why choose rattan tub chairs?

The tub chair has a particularly distinctive style. Known for its high back and rounded seat, a classic tub chair has gently sloping, curved arms and an enclosed shape that makes them feel comfortable and cosy.

Some rattan tub chairs have been designed with a more open pattern, perfect for casual spaces such as conservatories and designed to be used with a cushion on the seat, others have been made with a tighter weave and can be used either with or without a cushion. The colour can range from a dark brown to pale beige, similar to bamboo in shade. Indeed, bamboo and wicker rattan interwoven options are also popular. The legs may also vary, and may be made from solid wood or from rattan, too.

Suited to informal living rooms with a rustic or shabby chic vibe, vintage rattan tub chairs are also often positioned in kitchens and conservatories, able to make a statement in any environment.

Tub chairs: a brief history

The name “tub chair” remains somewhat of a mystery, although there are two potential origins. One is that it took its name from its similarity in shape to a Victorian bathtub. The other is that it is a corrupted version of the term “club chair” since chairs of this time were synonymous with gentlemen’s clubs.

Although tub chairs were invented in Europe, they first became widespread in America before crossing back across the ocean to England. George Bright, a cabinet maker from Boston is credited with making the first American versions of the tub chair, and in England, they rose to popularity in the homes of the well-to-do.

Thanks to their simple yet comfortable style, their popularity continued into the 1900s, with modern touches during both the Art Deco era and also during the 1950s. It was during the middle of the 20th century that tub chairs began to be decorated in attractive fabrics. Today, although tub chairs are found in private homes, they are also seen most commonly in cafes and coffee shops.

Shop for vintage rattan tub chairs with Vinterior?

You could always choose a modern tub chair if you are thinking of adding one to your living room, dining area, bedroom or conservatory. However, the chances of finding one with the same unique flair and character as a vintage piece is extremely small.

Our vintage rattan tub chairs are made from beautiful natural fibres for an exotic and elegant finish, and yet still have all the resilience and durability intended by their original maker.

You’ll find vintage rattan tub chairs can still be used every day without worrying about breakage or damage, and as an added bonus, they have a heritage and authenticity that you won’t find in modern alternatives.

Here at Vinterior, we think nothing is more beautiful than antique and vintage furniture. That’s why we’ve brought together and impressive collection of gorgeous items with a fascinating past that is sure to inspire you to breathe new life into your home.

Check out our range of rattan tub chairs and bring an air of exotic sophistication into your home.