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Every now and then someone comes along who totally changes the way we decorate and live in our homes. They create furniture that wows and enchants us, and challenges everything we think we know about interior design. And the do so with items that are dramatic and completely new, but still at heart made with the buyer's comfort and happiness in mind. Pierre Paulin was just such an individual. In the 1960s and 70s his furniture designs took the world by storm. His use of bright colours, flowing silhouettes and the way he experimented with materials and what a chair or table could be, changed interior design forever. And now you can discover Pierre Paulin furniture right here at Vinterior.

Why choose Pierre Paulin furniture?

Pierre Paulin did not begin his career as a designer of furniture. Initially, he studied to be a ceramist, and then a stone-carver, until an arm injury put an end to his dreams. His appreciation of materials and sculpture however, can be seen throughout the furniture designs that would later make him famous. After his injury he attended the prestigious Ecole Camondo school of product design and interior architecture in Paris.

Like all artistically sensitive geniuses, he challenged his teachers and the received wisdom they put forward. Indeed, it was one of his professors made the fateful decision to recommend him to a workshop in Le Havre, where he gained an interest in Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetic that would come to shape his outlook.

The wide range of his influences can be seen throughout the Vinterior collection. The rich colours – even the pitch blacks and stark whites – of his designs, from his armchairs to his dining tables, show a playful, youthful energy that would invigorate any tired living room or dining room, while the way he pushed the boundaries of material by stretching and shaping metals and foam shows a calculating genius with the comfort of the buyer in mind. Any Pierre Paulin design would create a dramatic, gorgeous centrepiece to any space of your home.

Add a touch of vintage with Pierre Paulin

Pierre Paulin designs illustrate the unique charm of vintage furniture. At Vinterior we love antique and artisan furniture because it is full of character, and showcases a special point in the history of interior design. Pierre Paulin's furniture, like all the vintage furniture on our website, is as strong and durable as it is attractive; as shown by the immaculate condition of the pieces, many of which are at least forty years old. Buying timeless pieces like this is also one of the greenest ways to furnish our home, as it prevents new resources from being used for the manufacturing of newproducts. Your home can be more eco-friendly, without sacrificing quality, just by buying a piece of historic furniture.

Why shop for Pierre Paulin furniture at Vinterior?

In our collection you will find furniture from every era of interior design, and of every design aesthetic, from bold, dramatic pieces from designers like Pierre Paulin, to classic mid-century designs and glamorous Art Deco models. The two things that bind all our furniture is quality and character.

Despite the size of our range, we are highly selective about the brands, designers and sellers we do business with; working only with the most reputable to ensure our customers get the quality furniture they deserve. Explore the Pierre Paulin collection at Vinterior today to find that perfect piece you've been dreaming of, from one of the best-loved furniture designers of the twentieth century.

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