Mid Century Kitchen Tables

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The kitchen table is arguably the focal point of your home – a place where family and friends can enjoy a meal as a sign of togetherness and happiness. It is one of the most used pieces of furniture in an average household. Whether you are enjoying a meal, working or helping with homework, the kitchen table sees a lot of use. So of course you need a durable and attractive kitchen table to do your home design justice, and that’s exactly what mid-century design provides. At Vinterior we feature a wide range of sleek and sophisticated mid-century kitchen tables for a small or big kitchen setup. We have various shapes and sizes of kitchen table for you to look at from a range of designers from across the period, so explore our collection now and get inspired.

The charm of mid-century kitchen tables

Designed with genuine quality and style in mind, mid-century kitchen tables are solidly constructed and durable enough to withstand the daily rough and tumble of family life. This is a key factor of mid-century design, which makes sure that form follows function as a way of exploring the beauty of simple, practical designs.

Using premium natural materials like teak, oak, rosewood and pine, can help to make any kitchen feel more homely and welcoming. If your kitchen design follows a shabby chic, or modernist theme, then a folding teak G Plan table could be just what you are looking for. If, however, you have a farmhouse kitchen then it is likely that you will prefer the raw, natural appearance of pine and a thicker, sturdier aesthetic. Even in an ultra-modern kitchen with stone or solid surface worktops you may opt to add the organic feel of wood as a pleasing contrast. After all, the grain of a seasoned oak or pine can help to warm up a kitchen that may otherwise appear too cold or clinical.

Benefits of having a mid-century kitchen table

The most distinct feature of mid-century tables is the clean lines on the edges and well defined curves that give the pieces of furniture an unmatched look. The materials used by celebrated designers like Ercol and G Plan, such as teak and rosewood, to ensure high quality and durability as well as attractive design. Geometric designs, polished finishes and slim legs are also key to mid-century furniture, striking the perfect balance between capturing a historic movement and looking ahead to the future.

Designed to offer practical solutions to your storage needs as well as your surface space requirements, some mid-century kitchen tables even have storage spaces hidden in plain sight. They are developed with drawers placed on the sides of the kitchen table to create room for you to store your kitchen ware.

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At Vinterior we have a collection of exquisite and elegant mid-century kitchen tables that will definitely spice up your kitchen area and provide a great conversation starter when you host parties in your home. Besides mid-century furniture we also offer vintage, artisan, contemporary as well as vintage furniture. This makes us the number one online furniture marketplace dealing in all categories to quality and unique furniture.

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