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Antique Tapestries

Our wide selection of antique tapestries bring beautiful, one of a kind craftsmanship to your home. With the unmissable combination of history and beauty, each one has been uniquely crafted to bring something new to your space.

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Antique tapestries

With such a large variety of antique tapestries on offer, it’s hard to know where to begin. Each has been carefully crafted by hand and has stood the test of time, lasting over 100 years. Some of our antique tapestries were created to tell a unique story, while others feature simple but striking designs, patterns and prints.

Styling antique tapestries

Whether you’re looking for an antique tapestry to work as a featured piece of art, or one to hang in a room full of other antiques, there are many ways to style a tapestry within established themes in your home. Simple framed tapestries can be the easiest to style. These tend to be smaller, and they can be placed anywhere from an antique side table to a whole gallery wall dedicated to your collection of antique art.

Where to buy antique tapestries?

With so many different antique tapestries to choose from, it can be hard to know where to find the perfect piece for your home. We offer a carefully curated selection from small antiques shops and boutiques all over Europe.

Antique tapestries UK

Antique tapestries in the UK were originally created to keep out the draughts in stone houses. They quickly became a must for every home and grew from simple wool to colourful designs and patterns. Eventually these antique tapestries UK were created in order to tell stories of battles, love or family history. Each has its own original story to tell and offers something unique. They were created before mass production was even invented and each shows the careful markings of its maker. Bring this sense of history and storytelling into your home when you buy one of our antique tapestries.

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