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Antique Wall Art

Browse our wide collection of antique wall art to find the piece that perfectly complements the style of your home. With a vast range of designs, all created from different materials, there is plenty to choose from, and always something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a specific design or one from a certain time period, each and every product is unique and will make your home stand out.

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Antique wall art

Antique wall art is art which was created over 100 years ago. It contains a wide range of styles and materials, with some pieces of collectible items from famous artists, as well as those that have lost their story. You can pair antique wall art with more modern wall art pieces and create a gallery wall, choose your favourite pieces from the antique style and hang these together or simply display it as a centrepiece. A fantastic way to style your art is with an antique wall light to highlight your favourite piece.

Whether you’re looking for antique oil paintings, traditional still lifes, countryside scenes or portraits, we have a piece of antique art to suit your home.

Styling antique wall art

When we think of antique wall art, we tend to think of the classic but stunning paintings and drawings that dominated a lot of our art history. But our exclusive collection also includes pieces you wouldn’t expect to find, including antique posters, tapestries, maps and pages from fascinating reference books and original botanicals. Every design is unique and has lasted the test of time, giving it wonderful stories and adding a sense of history to your home.

Where to buy antique wall art?

With so many different types of antique wall art on offer, it’s hard to know where to begin when you’re searching for the perfect piece. No matter whether you’re looking for an antique painting or a bracket figure head, browsing our website allows you to see everything in one place. You can tailor your search to make it easier to find that particular piece, and know that you’re supporting small local businesses when you shop with Vinterior.