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Antique sculptures

Browse our exclusive selection of one of a kind antique sculptures which wbring something different to your home. From ancient pieces which were once at home with high class nobleman to ones you grew up seeing at your Grandmother’s house, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for something to be the centre of the room or just to add a little bit of colour and history to your space, you’ll find it here.

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Antique sculptures

Antique sculptures are a subcategory of antique art which bring a sense of beauty and drama to any space. Dating back hundreds of years, sculptures are a traditional European art form which began in Ancient Greece where they were considered masterpieces. In the modern day, these sculptures have become antiques, with the oldest originally made back in the 16th century. They’re the perfect addition to your home, as well as bringing ornate decor and wonderful designs into the garden.

Styling antique sculptures

For many, antique sculptures have become key focal points within a home. You can feature yours as part of a gallery wall of art, perfect for antique display plates, or it can be the centrepiece to your room.

Each of our antique sculptures has been lovingly handmade by expert craftsmen in a time long before the invention of mass production. You’ll find wooden sculptures including rocking horses and book ends, as well as beautiful bronze creations. Display smaller pieces as part of a collection on an antique sideboard, dressing table or antique side table, or simply allow larger antique sculptures to stand alone.

Where to buy antique sculptures?

Finding antique sculptures used to involve searching boutiques and antique furniture stores for sometimes years at a time before you found that perfect piece. By using our marketplace, you can narrow down our collection of antique sculptures by size, style, material and more, allowing you to find that piece in minutes.