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Vintage Silverware

Here at Vinterior, you can discover a vast collection of antique and vintage silver. Whether you’re looking for an intricate silver serving tray or 20th century modern silver drinking glasses, you’re bound to find a unique piece to suit your tastes. If you’re building a silverware collection and you’re not sure where to start, why not invest in a beautiful vintage silverware set?

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Vintage silverware sets

Most of our tableware gets used every day, if not more often. So it’s essential to have silverware and flatware sets that you love. A stunning vintage silverware set can really set the mood for a special occasion like a dinner party, so be sure to pick your pieces carefully.

When choosing vintage silverware, you can invest in a high-end set, or you may want to select something you can use daily. For everyday vintage silverware, choose a design and finish you love. After all, you’ll be using these pieces regularly. Likewise, when buying a vintage silverware set, try to choose balanced utensils. The bottoms of knives should be lightweight for easy use. Consider the size of the tines of the forks too. This is personal to you, but most people find four comfortable enough for dining. If you have small children, you can even find them their own vintage silverware set. While we have plenty of tableware silverware sets, we don’t stop there. Our collection is also full of other unique silverware sets, including four-piece silver tea and coffee sets sets, 20th-century sterling silver goblet sets, and more.

Vintage silver glasses

Our vintage silverware collection features many drinkware pieces, including cups, glasses, and goblets. Our pieces come in various shapes, sizes, and styles to suit all occasions. Whether it’s for everyday use or a special occasion, vintage silver glasses give off a glamorous and luxe feel. You may feel like a king or queen sipping your favourite wine from an elaborately decorated vintage silver goblet. Or you can simply use these beautiful pieces for display. Adding a small bouquet of dried flowers and other trinkets adds pretty details to any room. If you’d like to incorporate silver glasses into your kitchenware collection, there are a couple of ways to do so. You could slowly start choosing individual pieces to build up a collection. Or you could invest in a vintage silver set of glasses. The latter is best for those who prefer their works to be identical and unified rather than mismatched. We have plenty of vintage silver glasses to add some elegance to your dining table, whatever your needs are. There are plenty of dazzling pieces that command attention; from ornate champagne wine glasses to pretty silver christening cups.