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Art Deco Wallpaper

Spruce up your boring white walls with colourful and bold art deco wallpaper. From 1920s inspired geometric patterns to 1930s luxury floral patterns, our collection is full of character and oozing with artistic vision that’ll look incredible in any home.

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  • What is art deco wallpaper?

    Art deco was a luxurious movement that happened between the 1900s and the 1950s. It started to make a name for itself in the 1920s after WWI. Economic and industrial growth contributed to a wealth and investment in high-quality materials and cutting-edge technologies and designs which transformed the decorative arts and architecture. Furniture, cars, architecture, fashion and other design elements of this era favoured long linear lines and gentle sloping curves. Luxuriously crafted and mass-produced items all aimed to look sleek, sophisticated and stylish. No art or design element was too small or overlooked, which meant that a lot of lavish wallpaper came out of this era. Art deco was a bold contrast to the minimalist art nouveau era that it preceded. Its designs were strong, striking and came with no romance or fussiness. Designers of this time drew inspiration from foliage, florals, animals, sun rays and geometric shapes, such as zigzag patterns and sweeping curves, which can all be seen in many our art deco wallpaper options. Typical colours for art deco wallpaper are rich metallic golds and silvers, as well as bold reds, blues, greens, yellows and pinks. Chrome and black accents are also popular choices.
  • Why is art deco wallpaper the perfect choice for your home?

    Decorating your walls with art deco can bring an element of luxury, elegance and class, that simply can’t be achieved with a pot of paint. Wallpaper, and furniture from this time can also add effortless style to any room. Art deco is timeless, and wallpaper is a long-lasting material. So if you choose the right look for your walls, you won’t need to redecorate for many years, maybe even decades. The bold style of this era can also complement other styles in your home. For example, pairing art deco wallpaper with mid century modern furniture can create a fun and bright feel, while still retaining elegance.
  • Art deco wallpaper UK

    Deck your walls with our art deco wallpaper to create a warm, luxurious and elegant feel. Whether you want to grab your guests’ attention with a dramatic gold geometric feature wall or you want a floral and feminine feel for your bedroom with a modern take on art deco, we’ve got you covered. Our community of over 1,800 boutiques and independent sellers from the UK, Europe and the United States, stock a range of styles, including art deco, retro, vintage, antique, industrial, modern and much more. So, even if art deco wallpaper isn’t for you, we’ve got plenty of other options. Browse our full collection of wallpaper now and give your home the complete makeover it deserves.

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