SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products
SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

Vintage Toys & Games

Do you have a favourite toy from your childhood? Is there a game that you loved playing with friends? Explore Vinterior’s charming collection of children’s vintage toys and see what memories are sparked by a vintage toy car from the 70s or a kitsch table football set. From antique rocking horses to vintage train sets, retro racquets to dainty dolls, these timeless toys are true collectors’ items.With hundreds of vintage toys to explore, Vinterior can help you to take a trip down memory lane. Vintage collectable toys make wonderfully evocative pieces of home decor and can add interest to any room. Add a vintage chess set game to your study or opt for some classic Meccano for the empty space on your mantel. Sit back, relax, grab your favourite childhood beverage and explore our stunning collection of vintage toys.

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Vintage toys for sale in the U.K.

For thousands of years, children have had fun playing games with small and seemingly unremarkable items which have evolved into modern day toys. Toys have been found as far back as ancient Egypt, when children would play with ‘marbles’ made from clay and stone. Some of the toys that children play with today have been popular for centuries; spinning tops, yo-yos and cup and ball games were popular in Medieval times and dolls, hobby horses and kites became popular in the 1700s. Our vintage collectable toy collection spans the centuries, bringing together popular favourites and collectors’ items to be cherished by new owners.

Vintage toys from every decade

Nothing creates a sense of nostalgia quite like a vintage toy or vintage bike – and our collection is full of some of the most recognisable toys from the twentieth century and earlier. With each generation comes the new must-have toy. Over time, these toys become a snapshot of the past; of Christmas’ and birthdays gone by. We’ve brought some of the most treasured toys of the past back to life in this lovely collection that has something for everyone. Hop into our vintage 50s toy collection and explore an array of children’s toy trucks, woodblock toys, and walk-along horses. Take a foray into our vintage 60s toy collection to find Danish teak-fuelled rocking horses, achingly cool Japanese tinplate cars, or plush teddy bears. And for those of a slightly younger generation, our vintage 70s toy edit is full of vintage toy cars, cotton puppets and nodding dogs. There’s something for everyone to bring childhood joy to your home.

Collectable vintage toys to cherish

Some of the toys in our coveted collection are much sought after items, making them a collector’s dream. If you have little people in your life, these cherished toys can be passed down through the generations, as they have been for years. Rocking horses, board games and pop-up books are typical Victorian children’s toys which make lovely christening and first birthday presents, while more modern toys are instantly recognisable by their clean lines and bright colours, and are still a fun way to pass the time. Whatever the occasion, our vintage toys are sure to bring joy to whoever receives them. Our vintage toy collection also includes antique Kokeshi dolls from Japan, vintage Hornby train sets, and figures by renowned designers Kay Bojesen and Michael Lau. Some of the toys in our collection are meant to be on display, rather than played with every day. You’ll find delicate figurines made from porcelain, ceramic and glass in our range, along with vintage racquets that are as good for hanging on a wall as they are for garden games.

To add some fun and frivolity to your home decor, explore our vintage toy collection and unearth the memories from your past.

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