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SPRING SALE up to 50% off 65,000+ products

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Our collection of antique desk accessories contains everything you need to feel like Charles Dickens, Charlotte Bronte, or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle – including the magnifying glass, in the case of the latter.You can unearth antique brass desk accessories such as ornate antique brass double inkwells, brass-bound military campaign boxes, and antique brass letter openers. You can transform your home office into something reminiscent of a Jane Austen novel. Forego the sameness of modern-day desk accessories and break the mould with something truly unique.Antique desk accessories have a real sense of social history. How many people have used the 19th century fountain pen before you? What letters have been housed in the antique document rack you have your eye on? It’s easy to source your one-of-a-kind accessories right here. Spruce up your office space with items bought through Vinterior and turn your desk into a place where you feel inspired to work.

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Antique desk accessories for sale

Finding antique accessories for your home no longer requires digging around every corner of a cluttered antique shop to find the perfect piece to compliment your office, study, or any other space. At Vinterior we’ve collected all the best items from around the UK and put them on full display on our website. Our site is home to an online community of over 1,800 independent antique stores, and our dedicated team handpicks every piece that you see online before it goes live to make sure it meets our very high standards. There’s a lot on offer, so we’ve made it even easier for you to search and find the perfect accessories with our advanced search filter. Filter items by budget, size, material, and many other factors, or why not flick through them all, just to make sure you don’t miss anything?

What are antique desk accessories?

The term ‘desk accessories’ just refers to all the paraphernalia you keep at your workstation. This includes organisers, letter racks, paperweights and more. Antique desk accessories are versions of these accessories which are over 100 years old. Our antique desk accessories date back as far as the nineteenth century, and in addition to the above, they include stamp boxes, page-turners, ink wells, hourglasses, and letter openers. There are also some more decorative items, which we hope will add a little bit of interest to your desk, including miniature antique sculptures and figurines. But be sure not to overlook our twentieth-century pieces. Anything made up until 1920 is currently considered an antique. In addition to some ornamental, but highly useful items, including beautifully carved stationery boxes, we also have a selection of glass decanters that you can fill with a spirit of your choice and sip from at the end of the workday.

Antique brass desk accessories to explore

Brass is a timeless metal, somehow managing to come across as modern despite often being over 100 years old. This is because brass desk accessories are becoming increasingly popular and are used to create very contemporary, minimalist interiors. For example, antique brass double inkwells and letter openers are must-haves for every antique enthusiast's office. And, if you’re more of an old soul, who likes a bit of clutter, there’s no reason you should be left behind. Take a look at our selection of antique brass desk accessories and find something with a fascinating history to tell.

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