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Side tables are so much more than just additional surface space in your home. While it may be true that they come in handy as a perch for your drink or even a few nibbles, side tables also play an important role in enhancing the look and feel of any social space. Side tables are often used to book-end seating areas, contributing to the overall look of a room. This means that the style, material and colours you utilise in your side tables requires careful consideration.Fortunately, at Vinterior we have a huge selection of side tables for every taste. From mid century chic to modern minimalism; antique style to vintage charm, you can find it all under one roof here on our website.

Side table

A side table can be a useful addition for many rooms in the home, adding functionality as well as a dash of style. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a wide range of side tables and small tables that will look good with all types of decor. Check out our online catalogue to discover a gem that’s perfect for your home today.

Choosing a vintage side table or small table

Side tables have been around for centuries and over time, an incredible array of styles have developed. Different sizes, shapes, functions and designs are all available with period side tables. It’s almost impossible to compile an exhaustive list but here are some of the different types of side table you may want to consider:

Tea tables

Dating back to the 18th-century and colonial America, tea tables were typically made from woods such as mahogany and walnut. Chippendale and Queen Anne styles were popular, offering elegant design with a functional tray-style top.

Console tables

Console tables were popular during Louis XIV’s era, and were originally made with just two legs so they could be attached to the wall. Most console tables now have four legs but still have one edge which is plain and undecorated so it can be easily placed right against a wall. Console tables are often highly decorative and ornate.

Piecrust tables

Popular in the 18th-century, piecrust tables have three carved legs and a top that resembles the top of a pie (hence the name!) with a crimped edging and circular design.

Guéridon tables

Dating back to the 17th-century, Guéridon tables were originally intended to hold candles and often came in pairs. Their appearance has evolved greatly through different design eras but they always have a circular top.

Pembroke table

Small and light with two hinged leaves, Pembroke tables first appeared in the 18th-century and were typical of Georgian and Neoclassical design.

How to incorporate vintage side tables into your home

As well as deciding on the style of side table you find attractive, there’s other considerations to take into account too. Ideally a side table should be slightly lower than the piece of furniture that it’s located next to, whether that’s a sofa, chair or a bed. This makes it practical for use as well as creating a visual flow around the room.

Don’t feel that you need to match your side tables to other furniture. Having some variety adds depth to the decor and an interesting appeal. If your room is full of angular furniture with clean edges, consider a round table to soften the overall appearance.

Round side tables

Round tables tend to look good in every home but a square top will offer more functional space. Consider your needs before you make the choice of a vintage side table.

Why shop for period side tables at Vinterior?

With such an enormous choice of side tables, it’s helpful to be able to look at a wide range. By comparing each design, you’ll be able to choose the one that will best suit your own home decor.

Here at Vinterior we have both antique and vintage side tables, from the stunning beauty of Regency demi-lunes to the quirky fun of retro up cycled TV tables. With affordable prices and a large catalogue to browse through, we offer everything you need in your search for side-tables.

Take a look at the online catalogue now to explore the range of vintage side tables offered by our verified sellers. If you don’t find your perfect piece we can help to search for exactly what you want, just get in touch with us today.