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Industrial Tables

Introduce a back-to-the-basics feel in your home with our vintage industrial tables. All of our industrial dining tables, coffee tables, console tables and workbenches offer a stylish and practical solution for a minimalist home. No matter what your style, budget or favourite materials, we can help you find a vintage industrial table that you love.

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Vintage industrial tables for your living room

Coffee tables, side tables, console tables and even desks all have their place in our homes. But sometimes having too much furniture can make the place feel cluttered. That’s when you need to strip it back to the basics, and what better way to do that than with industrial furniture?

From the 1760s onwards, simple yet practical furniture was mass produced. Vintage industrial tables, like all industrially designed furniture, was crafted for practical use in factories and offices in a trend which began with the Industrial Revolution. Industrial furniture was never intended to be stylish or cool, but these vintage industrial tables have certainly got style and practicality written all over them.

Our vintage industrial tables use natural and raw materials, such as teak, oak, chrome, ceramic, glass, brass, steel and marble. These materials will help to create a minimalist feel in your living room. But if you want to prevent your room looking devoid of character, you can always add bold colours to your walls in the form of industrial art.

Industrial style tables for your dining room

At the heart of every family dining room is a sturdy and hard-wearing table, complete with comfortable dining chairs. Practicality, durability and functionality are three key components to any dining room, with style being an additional bonus. And luckily, our vintage industrial dining tables tick all those boxes. Our industrial tables come in shapes to fit any dining room, including oval tables, round tables, square tables and rectangular tables. You’ll be able to fit the whole family round the table, no matter your size, as we’ve also got 4-seater tables, 6-seater tables, 8-seater tables and 10-seater industrial tables available.

Pull up a chair of your choice as our industrial tables will look great with any style. We recommend you pair your table with a set of gorgeous mid century modern dining chairs or a set of metal modernist stacking chairs. But, there’s plenty of other styles to choose from. Discover our full collection of vintage dining chairs and choose your favourites.

Vintage industrial tables for all

From well-known vintage furniture brands such as Thonet and Maison Jansen, to well-loved designers such as Ico Parisi and Peter Ghyczy, we’ve got a wide range of industrial tables for everyone. We love all things industrial and think the simplicity and practicality of this style will give your home a fresh new look. But if you can’t find the right piece for your home, then why not browse our other styles such as our postmodern furniture, our art deco furniture or our Oriental furniture?