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Coffee Tables

Reclaimed Wood Coffee Tables

A coffee table is far more than just a surface for beverages. It's a living room staple; a centrepiece that brings the whole space together into a single coherent room. It should be as attractive a piece of design as it is functional, and full of enough character to make the room come to life. While there have many beautiful coffee table designs through the generations, nothing has quite the same sense of uniqueness and individuality as a reclaimed wood coffee table. With a touch of creative ingenuity, a manufacturer can create a coffee table that will both fit in and stand out in your living room. And now you can browse through a wide selection of reclaimed wood coffee tables without leaving your sofa. Explore the stunning collection here at Vinterior today to find the perfect piece to bring your sitting room together.

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Why choose a reclaimed wood coffee table?Reclaimed wood coffee tables come in a variety of styles and sizes, made to suit any taste or requirement. Reclaimed wood refers to any wood that has not been sourced from a newly felled tree, with the most commonly used types being beech, cedar, pine and oak. Each of these woods possesses its own particular look, and therefore a reclaimed wood coffee table can be made in the same range of interior design styles as those made from newly cut trees.Reclaimed wood coffee tables come in every aesthetic from rustic farmhouse, to elegant French contemporary. The only limitations are the imagination and resourcefulness of the creator. What sets reclaimed wood coffee tables apart however, is the one-of-a-kind character they possess. Since the wood can be sourced from anywhere – a joist from an old school building, for example – every piece will have its own particular history, and its own story to share. This will often be apparent on the table's surface, in the form of scars and marks. So, if your coffee table was made from the wood of a salvaged floorboard, you might be able to see the scuff mark of a decade old footprint. This charming sense of history is what makes reclaimed wood furniture so different and unique.On a more practical level, reclaimed wood furniture is typically incredibly strong. This is because the wood used tends to come from durable hard woods that have proven their strength in a previous life. Only the best pieces of wood are selected, so you know the reclaimed wood coffee table you choose will be more than capable of holding your coffee mug and a vase of flowers.Using reclaimed wood is also one of the most environmentally sound ways to craft a coffee table. It prevents more trees from being chopped down, and uses materials that would otherwise have been thrown away. Also, to keep the individual marks and scars from the wood's previous incarnation intact, reclaimed wood furniture usually undergoes very little treatment. Buying a reclaimed wood coffee table could therefore prove a simple way to give Mother Nature a helping hand.Reclaimed wood coffee tables: why shop at Vinterior?Vinterior is the largest furniture marketplace on the web. We sell everything from modern coffee tables made from recycled material, to modern furniture, to artisan pieces from throughout the twentieth, and even the nineteenth, century. If an item of furniture is of fine quality, and full of character, then we will love itExplore the Vinterior collection of reclaimed wood coffee tables today for further inspiration.

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