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Industrial Sideboards        

After some good looking storage space? Add instant flair to a hallway, kitchen or office with our industrial sideboard range. There’s ample space for your household belongings in these beautiful pieces, so you can keep everything in one place. Go for a simple, solid-wood sideboard or embrace mixed materials with adorned handles and coloured panels. Whatever you choose, these styles all help you create warehouse chic.

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Industrial sideboards

Ah, the trusty sideboard. It’s arguably the handiest piece of furniture in the house. Documents, trinkets, books or crockery – you name it, you can store it there. Our industrial sideboards contain handy shelves, drawers and cupboards to help you tidy up your living space while earning you style points at the same time.

Inspired by the factories and warehouses of the 1700s, industrial style marries up utilitarian charm with modern design and functionality. The result? Handy, aesthetically pleasing industrial style furniture that’s a joy to use. Browse our industrial style sideboards selection to find truly beautiful pieces spanning the ages, and carefully picked from over 1,800 independent sellers in Europe and beyond.

Finding the perfect industrial sideboard for you

Looking for the perfect fit? Our compact industrial sideboards are perfect for smaller spaces in offices and hallways. They often feature legs to raise them up off the ground. Or if you’re after something you can move around, take a look at our industrial trolleys on wheels. Larger, heavier pieces are perfect for roomier areas of the house and in high-ceilinged properties where the furniture needs to fill the space effectively.

Use our filter function to select the dimensions you’re after and make sure you find the perfect size. Want to deck out an entire room in stripped-back, factory chic? Be sure to check out our industrial armchairs and coffee tables to complete the look.

Pared-back aesthetic

Industrial style is characterised by its clean, simple lines, natural materials and bold features. Our specially selected industrial style sideboard range is brimming with pieces in beautiful wood including teak, rosewood and walnut. Functionality is also key – after all, the ability to tidy things away is key for a productive working space. These industrial sideboards are packed with handy drawers and cupboards for storing all your bits and bobs.

Looking for storage that enhances industrial chic with a little more detail and colour? Pieces in the style of designers Younger and Beautility typically feature painted wood and added embellishments (think metallic door and drawer handles). Art deco style sideboards are more likely to feature curvier lines and retro-inspired features, while later designs of the 1940s-1960s stick to a more rectangular shape.

Industrial sideboards UK

Our industrial sideboards have been handpicked by designers based in the UK and beyond. We work with passionate collectors and furniture traders who really know their stuff. They also trade in decorative items such as industrial signs and wall art. To find out more about any item, simply click into the listing and you’ll find a detailed description. It’s just like talking to an expert in an antiques shop.