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Vintage Storage Boxes

Every home needs somewhere to store treasured possessions, or even those things you’d just rather not have on view. A vintage storage box is the perfect solution, giving you a safe place to keep things while elevating the style of your room. Our eclectic range features storage boxes from across the centuries and around the world, including vintage wooden storage boxes, vintage suitcase storage boxes, hand-carved chests and even tea caddies.

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Vintage storage box uses

A vintage storage box is a great way to store your most precious items, or to hide items you’d rather not have on display, from view. They aren’t just practical, they can also be used to bring the look of a room together; adding a stylish touch, a flair of colour or bringing some history to a space.

Types of vintage storage box

Vintage storage boxes come in all shapes and sizes- from ornately carved wooden chests to retro suitcases. Our collection has been carefully curated to include vintage storage boxes dating back as far as the 17th century and from around the world. You’ll even find quirky pieces like cigarette dispensers, ration boxes and shop counter display boxes. The only limit is your imagination.

How to style a vintage storage box

With such an eclectic mix of styles to choose from, a vintage storage box can be styled however you like. Ornately carved pieces and chests can be simply styled to let the characterful features speak for themselves. Simply choose the right spot in your room to let it shine. Smaller, quirky items can be put centre stage on top of a dresser, drawers or piano for everyone to see. Pair it with a table lamp or place it beneath a wall light to put it in the spotlight and draw the eye.


Where to buy a vintage storage box?

Car boot sales and antique fairs are a great place to pick up a vintage storage box. But to take the hard work out of finding the perfect storage box for your home, we’ve carefully sourced some of the most special storage boxes out there and added them to our collection. With Vinterior, you can choose from an array of sophisticated storage boxes from the comfort of your own home.

How to look after a vintage storage box?

The beauty of choosing a vintage storage box is that you’re getting a unique and special piece. For this reason, different boxes need different types of care. Certain products may be unsuitable for certain materials, so always check which kind of cleaning products can be used on your storage box. Most of the time, you can’t go wrong using a clean, damp or dry cloth to catch any dust.