Antique Hall Chairs

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As Pico Iyer, once said, “In an age of constant movement, nothing is more urgent than sitting still.”
Many people seek to make their homes extravagant, unique and distinctive in the sitting room, the dining room, or the bedroom.

However, what about using an antique armchair in you hall?

An often underlooked but essential link between them all, an antique hall chair can embody simplicity, a good first impression and a versatile place for hanging coats, putting shoes under, or building up an assortment of useless things as is the case for many family homes.
Splendour, simplicity and decoration, these hall chairs provide structure, comfort and aesthetic to the halls of the home which also serve as the skeleton and web of the domestic space.
Let’s have a look at the origins of the Antique Hall Chair and explore how it can be added to your home. This is especially an important piece to the fanatics of the traditional style.

Origins of Antique Hall Chairs

Born in the 16th century from the noble palazzi in Italy, the design flourished in the 18th century with major English designers such as William Kent, Thomas Chippendale, Robert Adam and George Hepplewhite. As they primarily used for decoration rather than practicality, this was a great medium for designers to explore their creative expression.
Initially, antique hall chairs were designed for the use of servants or strangers waiting on business. However, since they were often the first item to be seen when entering the home, hall chairs made a clear statement on behalf of the owner, showing their wealth, power, individuality, taste and pedigree.
Therefore, on a deeper level, antique hall chairs were used primarily for decoration and for statement-making, given that they often displayed a family crest too. Many of the crests often feature fantastical imaginary creatures and pseudo-Latin or French mottos.

Common and popular styles of Antique Hall Chairs

The Antique Hall chair is making a big comeback to the Vinterior inventory as collectors collect and curate pieces that are unique and bespoke. This is shown in the chairs’ crests and use of mahogany in a traditional style.

Popular Material used for antique armchairs

The Antique Hall Chair is often made in a hard-wearing wood such as mahogany or oak.

Popular styling of antique armchairs

Most Antique Hall chairs will be hand carved with natural motifs and fluid curves. Most styles do not incorporate upholstery or springs. Many of the crests often feature fantastical imaginary creatures and pseudo-Latin or French mottos.

Selling antique armchairs in pairs

Most Antique Hall Chairs will be provided in a pair. Always contact the seller to see if this is available if you wish to consider the later value of your purchase.