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Wall Art

1800S Paintings

Curate your own at-home art collection and become an amateur gallerist with Vinterior’s curated collection of 1800s paintings giving you some much-needed inspiration. Whipping up a genuine pre-1800 painting or two onto an empty wall can rejuvenate your living space. Providing a talking point and something stimulating to look at, your living room, study or bedroom can become a feast for the eyes with the romantic or neoclassical paintings that you choose to display.You may be something of an amateur art critic and you already know your Louis Gallait from your Louis Midavaine. You might be eager to source a gouache painting specifically from the impressionist period of the late 1800s. Or maybe you simply know what you like and you’ll purchase your perfect pieces of art based on gut feel and your emotional response to a painting. Vinterior has 1800s painting for the art expert, enthusiast, novice and everything in between.Not sure where to begin your hunt for the perfect painting? Take a look at our handy filter menu to the left. Here, you can search for a specific artist, you can filter by budget, and you can unearth paintings of a particular size to ensure you have the wall space to house your perfect oil on canvas. Vinterior has scoured the U.K. and Europe for the finest examples of 19th-century paintings so you don’t have to. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy browsing our extensive collection of 1800s paintings.

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1800s Paintings for sale at Vinterior

From the romanticism oil paintings at the turn of the 19th-century to the impressionist watercolours of the 1890s, Vinterior’s art collection spans the movements of the 1800s. Curating an art collection is a highly personal endeavour, but at Vinterior, we aim to make it as hassle-free and simple as possible. Our extensive edit is systematically organised so you can discover the art that brings you joy. From grand landscapes and moody seascapes to evocative portraits and curious still life oils, there are over 1500 paintings in Vinterior’s edit for you to explore.

Why choose a painting from the 1800s?

A painting that is potentially over two hundred years old has a story to tell. Think of the eyes that have gazed upon it. Your dining room blank canvas might be screaming out for a 19th-century Japanese gold painting with its intricate detailing and striking colour palette. Or perhaps you’re after something a little more subtle? A simple George Cope etching could be the start of your burgeoning art collection. Paintings from the 1800s ooze history and character. Whether you adding to an already established art curation, you’re on the hunt for a particular aesthetic for a client, or you just fancy something pretty for your wall, an 1800s painting could be just what you’re looking for. For more fine art variety, explore Vinterior's sculpture and photography collections too.

What type of paintings were popular in the 1800s?

Pre-1800s paintings were romantic in style. Characterised by broad brushstrokes, a lightness of touch, and subtle colour palette, the rococo style was popular until the late 1700s.

At the start of the 19th-century, neoclassicism became the dominant painting style. Portraits, landscapes and still life paintings became more bold and structural in style to reflect the shift in architectural and decorative aesthetics of the era. Both of these styles and more can be found in Vinterior’s extensive edit.

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