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Antique Lamp Shades

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The purpose of a lamp shade is to cover the lightbulb fitted on a lamp in order to diffuse the light emitted by the bulb. But who said that you have to settle down to the common mass-produced lamp shades? Check out our beautiful collection of antique lamp shades that we have here. These lamp shades are made of different materials, for example, stone, fabric, glass, and more. These lamp shades are handmade, and they have been made by proficient and skilled people of the past. They have designed them beautifully and have made them last for a long time.

A wide range of antique lamp shades

These antique lamp shades are available in unique designs. These designs will make your lampstand look prettier, and since they are antique, it means that they will always stay as it is for a lifetime. Indeed, these lamp shades have some wear and tear, but isn’t that what makes these antique items so special? Whatever lamp shade you choose for yourself, they will be unique and beautiful.

Choose a lamp shade that matches with your shade size

Consider these lamp shades like a hat. You can’t choose something that is too large or too small. If you don’t pick the right size for your head, you will end up wasting your money, and this is something Vinterior doesn’t want you to do. Take a look at the proportion of these lamp shades properly, and then buy one that suits your requirement.

Antique lamp shades that will last for a lifetime

Why not create a focal point for your house? Think about the perfect location where you will place the lamp, better to choose an antique lamp for the antique lamp shade. Place it at a position where the entire room can be illuminated by its charm and beauty. Beautify your house by choosing the right antique lamp shades for your lamps.
Create a statement with the best-looking antique lamp shades. Let this lamp shade become the centerpiece of your room.

Where to buy antique lamp shades from

Whenever you think of buying antique lamp shades for your lamps, always choose the right marketplace that will offer only genuine antique items, and this is when Vinterior comes into play.
Go on and take a look at all of our antique lamp shades. We have a vast collection, and you will undoubtedly find the right one.