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Antique Plates

Serve up a feast – or create a unique sideboard display – with our antique plates collection. These hand-selected pieces include ceramic, porcelain and pottery styles, as well as wooden and metal options. With our online marketplace, you can support small businesses and find something truly special without even leaving the house.

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Plates to bring joy

Our antique plates collection is bound to inspire. It contains pieces dating from the 1600s up to the 1990s and allows you to browse floral, symmetrical and quirky designs to find something you love. Whether it’s a single piece for display in a glass display cabinet or a set of dinner or sandwich plates to serve up a feast to guests. Our impressive selection contains pieces to suit all budgets and tastes and is designed to provide lovers of beautiful things with pleasing, characterful items to cherish.

Eye-catching designs

The blue-and-white design which features in antique crockery so frequently originated in China and is created using blue pigments such as cobalt oxide. Blue willow is a typical design portrayed within this tradition. Victorian plates are usually brightly coloured, for example the bright green Majolica style and shiny silver was fashionable during this era. We also have a number of decorative pieces from the art nouveau design period, which used lighter, more muted tones than the Victorian period that came before. Pair these with our art nouveau mirrors and art nouveau table lamps if this popular aesthetic appeals to you.

Impressive detailing

Antique plates are known for their intricate details. Look out for scalloped rims, gilt detailing and unusual shapes including hexagonal and octagonal plates. To learn more about each plate, click the individual photos and you’ll be taken to a page with the full listing. If you’re kitting out your kitchen, be sure to browse our antique cutlery range to find beautiful antique silverware to match your antique plates. Our descriptions include additional information such as size, condition and era, and have been penned by knowledgeable antiques experts.

Japanese plates antique UK

Our Chinese and Japanese plates are beautifully decorated, often with hand-painted designs on the porcelain. The term Imari is used to describe the bright, intricate designs of Arita wear, which originated in Japan in the late 17th century. This style was later copied by European manufacturers, appearing on English-made plates. The Kutani style, which became popular in the 19th century, uses dark colours – typically nature-inspired hues such as rich greens and muddy reds and yellows. If you’re in the market for styles to match, browse our Oriental rugs to find the perfect accompaniment to your antique Japanese plate.

Supporting small businesses

Our site contains listings from over 1,800 dealers, enabling worldwide traders to list their wares and access customers throughout the UK and beyond. That means that when you pick antique plates from our website, you’ll be helping a small-scale seller keep in business.