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RARE ...ORIGINAL VINTAGE WW2 Deutscher Kleinempfänger 1938 German Propaganda RADIO Made by BRAUN
German war markings are visible on various components, including the cabinet interior
Fantastic EXAMPLE!!
THIS RADIO IS NOT TESTED…it is untouched in the interest of historical preservation.
No cracks to the case.
9.5 inches square from the front, and only 4.5 inches deep.
More info.....
The name means "German small radio." The DKE in the model designation stands for the words Deutscher Kleinempfänger and the 38 signifies the year of manufacture.
Using only two tubes, it's one of the simplest tube radios that you will ever come across. The Kleinempfänger was designed to be simple, and therefore cheap, so that as many Germans as possible could buy one. It cost only 35 Reichsmarks, roughly one week's wages for an average worker of that day.
This was a propaganda radio, in short. Germans nicknamed this set Goebbels' Schnauze (Goebbels' snout), referring to the Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, whose voice was often heard over the airwaves.
Propaganda was essential for the Nazi ideology and a low cost radio was a means to get propaganda in every house in Germany.

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Mid 20th Century



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Barnet, United Kingdom





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