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Vintage Rustic Tables

Vintage rustic tables encapsulate everything we love about this style. They’re simple, stylish, and you’re going to want to sit around them for hours, enjoying the company of your family and friends. The rustic, farmhouse aesthetic appeals because it feels warm, organic, and inviting. From large rustic refectory tables that could take centre stage in a modern kitchen diner to old rustic tables that has a story of its own to tell, you can’t fail to be charmed by the warm hug a farmhouse-chic table can give you.

Rustic wooden tables with their knocks, gnarls, and scrapes look fitting in a country pad as much as an industrial apartment. From boho to traditional, you can create the foundation of an interior vision with your own one-of-a-kind rustic table.

Every piece in Vinterior’s collection is unique. It’s this bespoke aura that each old rustic table has that enthuses our thriving community of trusted sellers from across the U.K and Europe. Make your house a real home with a vintage rustic table from Vinterior.

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Vintage rustic tables for sale in the U.K.

Don’t be fooled into thinking rustic means broken down and boring. This style is simple, it’s true, but there’s an elegance in its simplicity that’s hard to achieve using other pieces. Everything is plain, natural, unpretentious. So the true beauty of the materials (wood, stone, and imitation animal hides), shines through. When done right, vintage rustic tables feel fresh and organic, earthy but light. And Vinterior’s here to make sure you get the balance right with a selection of vintage rustic tables from the U.K. Our collection of rustic wooden tables showcases the best of British, European, and American craftsmanship. This collection is dominated by skillful carpentry. But you’ll also find beautifully wrought metal tables, and pieces made of other natural materials, including rattan, bamboo, and stone. Every one of these pieces has been selected by a member of our expert team. Ready to go old school rustic? Browse our entire selection of vintage rustic tables, or tailor your Vinterior search. Filter by function, price, size, material, and more.

How to style a vintage rustic farmhouse table

The rustic, farmhouse aesthetic is warm, cosy, and inviting. Just the kind of atmosphere you want at home. Consider a delightful boho chandelier to bring your rustic table into focus. For the ultimate rustic look use real, reclaimed farmhouse items to style your table. Add in some shabby chic dining chairs, vintage jugs, jars and tins. Or, for a modern twist, you could add in some urban elements that will offer more of a contrast. Why not pair your old rustic table with industrial style lighting, and stools to create the perfect blend of cool and warm styles?

Where to buy vintage rustic tables

Vintage shopping can be a lot of fun. Hunting through shops to find hidden treasures and coming away with something unique and unexpected. When you go already knowing what you want, though, it can be frustrating. Finding hundreds of pieces that are almost there, but never the perfect one. That’s all changed with Vinterior. There are thousands of vintage items just waiting to be discovered on our online marketplace. You can still browse for as long as you like. Or you can cut straight to the chase, bringing up all the items relevant to your search with our menu to the left. Filter our collection of vintage rustic tables by size, function, material, price, and more, and find your perfect match in minutes. Plus, our community of sellers is made up of indie shop and boutique owners, meaning you’re supporting small, local businesses with every purchase you make.

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