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Antique Desk Chairs

From late Victorian oak swivel chairs to Regency period mahogany chairs, Vinterior has a collection of antique desk chairs that span every design era.

Modern equivalents lack the character, charm and provenance of a chair that’s over one hundred years old. Think Dickensian school masters sat on antique walnut desk chairs behind classic three-drawer desks, a 19th century bobbin leg captain’s chair that once sat in the shipmaster’s cabin of a ship, or a draftsman's antique leather office chair. You can grasp this social history and bring it into your home office to boost your productivity at work and bring you joy as you tap away on your laptop.

No matter the reasons for wanting an antique desk chair, you can source the finest examples from across the U.K. and Europe right here at Vinterior. Embrace a more sustainable way to shop and make your home office a bespoke space full of one-of-a-kind vintage and antique pieces. Why not start with the antique office chair of your dreams?

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Which antique office chair is best for my home?

Think of it this way, you’re picking something personal to you and that best fits your needs. There’s no one size fits all when it comes to picking an antique desk chair. Always consider your office space and style when choosing a new chair. This includes thinking about your desk and surrounding furniture. Are you looking for something space-saving for a small work-from-home situation? Or do you have a dedicated home office that can accommodate a more elaborate seating arrangement?

What kind of antique desk chair styles are there?

Captain’s chair:

A popular style often used as desk chairs, with Chesterfield quilted leather seating, captain's chairs are available as stationary or wheeled versions for mobility.

Club chairs or tub chairs:

Popularised in 18th century France, the tub chair's padded veneer made in leather or soft furnishings, is an office favourite, perfect for seating for visitors in office settings.

Traditional desk chairs:

An essential piece of office furniture that has seen waves of styles throughout the centuries.

Why buy an antique office chair?

There is an unmatched quality of craftsmanship that comes with an antique walnut desk chair. Antique office chairs have stood the test of time, showcasing reliable quality over the decades. The materials used are more likely to be long-wearing woods, all handcrafted, and made before mass production came into play. Mass production can sacrifice quality, but handmade antique leather office chairs are one-of-a-kind pieces, more likely to have a quality that is durable thanks to their hardworking makers.

Finding high-quality antique office chairs is easy thanks to Vinterior’s curated selection of long-standing antique pieces from our experienced sellers and dealers. Comfort and aesthetics can place a big part in how we choose our office seating, and opting for an antique office chair is the perfect way to guarantee that you’ll have comfortable seating for decades to come.

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