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Rustic stools are right on trend at the moment. Whether you are scouring the Internet to find the perfect addition to your farmhouse kitchen or you simply want a rustic solution to soften your more modern, minimalist space, a rustic stool can be a great weapon in your decorating armoury. Our rustic range provides endless inspiration as well as the vintage, antique and reclaimed items required to create that coveted look. Building a charming and characterful spaces isn’t always easy, but we believe that the key is to shop for genuinely beautiful, robust and tactile pieces, rather than finding cheap imitations. While there are clearly plenty of imitation-rustic furnishings available on the high street, there is no substitute for a vintage, artisan or upcycled piece.

Why choose rustic stools

Unlike many of the other interior design trends, there are no stringent rules when it comes to creating the rustic look. As a home improver or interior designer you can stay close to the more traditional interpretation of rustic or opt for the contemporary rustic style that is growing in popularity these days. No matter how rustic you want to go in your space, your furniture choices can make a huge difference. You don’t have to go big and bold with huge rustic furniture investments either. A small, simple touch courtesy of a thoughtfully designed piece will work too.

Whether it is a couple of high wooden stools to nestle under your kitchen island or a low milking stool that you use to rest a vase or favourite ornament on, it is possible to instantly make your home a warm and reassuring place with the rustic vibe. Just how far you go down the rustic path is up to you: here at Vinterior we offer everything from polished wooden stools to the raw and rugged driftwood stools created by artisan designers.

Among our rustic stool collection you may also find our Spanish mid-century bar stools, these provide a different and more polished look. Originally from the 1950s and made in Spain, these vintage pieces encapsulate the brutalist movement, a style linked with modernist architecture and mostly found in fortress-like concrete structures. With a great history behind these and other vintage items, it’s so easy to find the unique pieces you need to complement the rustic look and tell a terrific backstory.

What to look for in a rustic stool

The key to the rustic look is surely texture. Organic materials like wood take centre stage in this form of design. Unlike other material choices, wood is also extremely welcoming and comforting, offering a back to basics feel that will be appreciated in any home. Our range of rustic stools is one part of our furniture collection that uses natural materials to its advantage. The majority of the stool designs you’ll find in our listings are simple in structure, letting the natural texture and finish of the wood do all the talking.

Why shop for rustic stools with Vinterior?

In addition to having a fabulous backstory, the vintage, antique and reclaimed rustic stools we feature on our marketplace have the quality, craftsmanship and character needed to add interest to your interior, no matter what your décor tastes.

With more than a thousand sellers listed on our online marketplace, our collection of rustic stools – both vintage and upcycled – is unrivalled. That is why we are the UK’s leading website of our kind. Browse our rustic furniture collection now and discover the furniture you need to take your rustic theme to new heights.