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The dining room is the one room in your home where you can afford to go all out on luxury. This is a space created to feel decadent and elegant, giving you the opportunity to add a healthy dose of glamour to your home. Of course, the centrepiece of any dining room is the dining table, so an eye-catching design is an absolute must. A marble dining table is a great way to bring an instant sense of opulence to your eating area, and you’ll find a stunning collection of marble dining tables right here at Vinterior. Browse our selection today.

Marble Dining Table

Whether it’s a family gathered around a home-cooked meal on a weeknight, a big group of friends celebrating a special occasion, or you’re simply enjoying a glass of wine with an old friend, some of the very best moments in life happen around the dining table, and a vintage marble dining table is a wonderful centrepiece for any occasion.

Here at Vinterior, we feature a wide range of gorgeous tables from the pages of history on our online marketplace – each with its own unique charm and story behind it. If you’re looking for a beautiful dining table that is packed with character, and will give your home years of service, you’ve come to the right place. Browse our collection today to see our latest period marble dining tables and other one-off pieces.

Choosing a vintage marble dining table set

At Vinterior, we offer a vast array of dining tables in all shapes and sizes, of which vintage marble is a firm favourite. Marble looks and feels luxurious, and is superior in terms of practicality as well. Easy to clean and maintain, and extremely durable, this smooth, attractive stone is a fantastic choice of surface for all living and dining spaces.

Whether you’re living in a period house and would like a vintage European piece to complete the look, or you’re in a more contemporary space and want the crisp, clean lines of a mid-century marble table, you’re sure to find exactly what you’re looking for in our extensive online catalogue.

Do you want your table to be circular, oblong or rectangular in shape? What size and height are you after, and what materials would you prefer the base of the table to be? Once you’ve considered these questions, and have a rough budget in mind, you’re ready to start shopping.

Incorporating a vintage dining table into your home

One of the many charms of vintage furniture is its continued relevance, and the fact that you can incorporate it into any kind of interior space and it just works!

Whether you live in a Victorian country cottage or a swish skyscraper apartment, a three-bed terraced property or an open-plan penthouse, there is no style or size of interior that won’t work with a vintage marble dining table.

We have everything from slick Art Deco pieces to gorgeous ebony-based 19th Century tables, sprawling mid-Century items with enough room for ten to dine, as well as fresh, compact four-seaters from contemporary Italian designers. Whatever your taste and requirements, you’ll find the marble table that matches your vibe at Vinterior.

Why shop for round dining tables at Vinterior

Why buy something that is identical to thousands of other pieces, and of a much lower quality, when you can find a wonderful one-off piece that is a joy to use and look at every day?

At Vinterior, we adore the look, feel and story behind vintage and retro furniture, and best of all, choosing vintage is better for the environment too, as buying it reduces the need for the manufacture of cheap, disposable furniture that before long end up in a landfill. Staying responsible while enhancing your interior space – what’s not to love?

We’re always updating our catalogue with handpicked vintage pieces that we know you’ll love. Have a browse of the collection today to find the perfect piece to complete your space.

The world is full of gorgeous vintage furniture. To bring a touch of elegance into your home, and create a space that truly reflects your unique personality, exploreour site today to check out our latest vintage marble dining tables and more.