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The dining room is the one room in your home where you can afford to go all out on luxury. This is a space created to feel decadent and elegant, giving you the opportunity to add a healthy dose of glamour to your home. Of course, the centrepiece of any dining room is the dining table, so an eye-catching design is an absolute must. A marble dining table is a great way to bring an instant sense of opulence to your eating area, and you’ll find a stunning collection of marble dining tables right here at Vinterior. Browse our selection today.

Why choose marble dining tables?

The dining table is the dedicated social spot of any home. This is where you sit down to eat with friends and family, and where you celebrate each special occasion and birthday. But the dining table also has importance from a design perspective, affecting the look and feel of your interior design as a whole. While some people want a relaxed and welcoming environment, others want an ornate and traditional dining space, or a fun and modern vibe. The dining table determines what kind of ambience your dining area offers, which is why considering the shape, size and style of your dining table is such an important decision.

Opting for a material such as marble can offer you that all-important luxury feel without appearing too austere.  The subtle sheen of marble is intrinsically linked to a sense of quality, making it the perfect material to use in the dining room. The natural processes that create marble result in a range of designs, meaning each cut of marble has its own set of veining, colours and hues depending on the mix of minerals and limestone.

On a practical level, marble top dining tables are also a functional choice as well as an aesthetic one. Marble is resistant to impact and heat, and can survive the toil of daily use without a scratch. This is why many antique and vintage marble dining tables are as popular and as attractive today as they were at the time of their creation.

Many of the most lovingly designed marble dining tables possess vintage Italian origins. The unique blend of traditionalism and modernity make for some really interesting and aesthetically pleasing designs, mixing rounded edges and sleek finishes with natural detailing and metallic aspects. The combination of these features allow these dining tables to suit any dining room, be it contemporary or classical. A marble dining table can act as a statement focal point of a neutral modern space, or blend seamlessly into a more ornate eating environment.

Why shop for marble dining tables at Vinterior?

At Vinterior, you’ll find furniture from across time and place. Our extensive collection of thousands of pieces includes vintage, antique, retro, mid-century and even contemporary dining tables, all with their own unique story to tell. We deal in character and quality, which is why you’ll find an impressive selection of marble dining tables within our listings.

Over the years, we’ve carefully chosen our listings from more than one thousand trusted sellers, brands and designers, so you know that no matter what you are looking to achieve in your home, you will only ever get quality through our online marketplace.

Add a little luxury into your home by exploring the diverse range of dining tables available in our collection.

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