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Ercol is a company that began trading in 1920. Since then, its ethos has been to focus on designing and manufacturing elegant furniture using fine woods. As well as being beautiful, the furniture is accessible and affordable. It works as well in an ordinary home, with standard proportions and modern features, as it does in a grander setting. If you are looking to add a new dining table to your home, it is well worth exploring the collection of vintage Ercol options here at Vinterior. While pieces come in a range of different finishes, each one showcases the same commitment to quality, functionality and aesthetic that Ercol has become renowned for. Whether you opt for the vintage or the contemporary version, a dining table produced by Ercol is far from a disposable or short-term solution. Rather, it is one you are more likely to pass on to your children. Ercol furniture blends well with a diverse range of interior design schemes. Homemakers have introduced them to rooms that are coolly contemporary, cosy and warm, busy and colourful, and extremely high-end. Take a look at the Vinterior range now for inspiration.

Getting the right dining table for you

It’s nice to have a table in your home, a place to eat and for the family to gather round together. Stylish yet practical, the dining table is at the heart of every home. However, it can be difficult to know what size to buy. Too big and you’ll find your family having to shout from one end to another or huddled up around one small corner while the rest remains bare. Having a table that’s too small to accommodate visitors and your extended family is just as bad, leading to cramped meals that no-one enjoys.

The solution is to opt for an extending table, a clever piece of craftsmanship. With a hidden central panel, these tables quickly transform from cosy and family-sized to being more expansive for guests and larger gatherings. And if you are looking for all of the benefits of an extending table without sacrificing on quality or character, selecting a vintage piece from our collection of Ercol extending dining tables is a great option.

Ercol extending dining tables: a name you can trust

Ercol is a furniture maker that has been around for almost a century and has acquired a reputation for being solid, quality and high class. Lucian Ercolani, an Italian furniture maker, founded the company in the 1920s and his sons went on to take the family business even further.

This commitment to quality and craftsmanship is one of the reasons that Ercol designs have endured. Vintage Ercol tables are built to last and their style is as suited to the dining rooms of the modern family as it was to the homes of the 1950s and 60s.

Explore extending dining tables for your home

If you’ve never had an extending dining table, it’s hard to appreciate just how convenient they really are. Extra guests popping by unexpectedly for dinner? No problem! Just pull out the middle panel and hey presto! An instantly larger table to comfortably fit everyone around.

However, there’s no sacrificing aesthetics for function here, as Ercol extending dining tables are beautiful to look at too. Being created by a family firm which has a long history of furniture making and design, there’s a flawless attention to detail in every curve and corner.

The quality of the wood used is another element that’s worth emphasising as Ercol pioneered the use of manufacturing techniques not hitherto used in furniture design. For more traditional timbers, look out for beech and elm in particular. Both of these were used extensively to create the iconic polished finish that’s one of Ercol’s trademarks.

Fall in love with Ercol at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, we’re already big fans of Ercol furniture, including their extending dining tables. However, you don’t need to take our word for the beauty and elegance of the designs. Browse through our online marketplace today and see for yourself the stunning Ercol furniture we have available.