Edwardian Dressing Tables

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The dressing table is a mainstay of the elegant bedroom. Originally used by ladies of social standing, designs can be ornate, opulent and playful whilst maintaining a level of practicality. Although dressing tables have been in existence since the late seventeenth century, it was in the Edwardian period that they became a regular fixture. Offering ladies a place to write, apply make-up and arrange their hair, they added a touch of feminine glamour to the bedroom. And, of course, they still serve the same function today – for both ladies and gentlemen. Check out our collection of Edwardian dressing tables to see how you can add glamour and sophistication to your bedroom.

Choosing Edwardian dressing tables

The dressing table is a distinctly feminine piece of furniture and comes with all the organic flows and curves that you would expect from the Edwardian period. The Edwardian era bridged the gap between the era of hand-crafted furniture and the progression towards large-scale manufacturing. The advances in engineering and production methods led to a rise in reproduction pieces with the Queen Anne style becoming popular again. Ornate, turned legs or cabriole legs with pad feet reflect the style of this period.

Edwardian dressing tables are as practical today as they were in the early twentieth century. The dressing table is an everyday item of furniture designed for daily use. It must provide a work surface for those applying make-up, brushing hair and leaving items such as mobile phones. They may even be home to the odd glass of wine whilst you are getting ready.

Of course, it is the beauty of these pieces that really makes them desirable to buyers. While there are simpler versions available, most Edwardian dressing tables come with a vanity mirror, with some of the more sophisticated examples coming with up to three. They may also include a matching stool, with either plain or ornately decorated upholstery.

Dressing tables have drawers of various sizes to store clothes, jewellery and make-up, and some of the larger pieces also come with one or two cupboards for your additional storage needs. Traditional timbers such as mahogany and oak were popular during the Edwardian period, although you can also find ornate pieces with walnut or satinwood veneers and inlays.

Decorate with a vase of loosely arranged flowers and vintage perfume bottle to really set the piece off and ensure the lighting in your room allows you to make full use of the vanity mirrors. The Edwardian dressing table is to be sat at and enjoyed as both a practical and beautiful addition to any sophisticated bedroom.

Vintage dressing tables can tell a thousand stories about the women who have sat there before you. Glamour, sophistication and fun are all encapsulated in this opulent piece of bedroom furniture. Whether you are looking for a Queen Anne reproduction or something that reflects the excitement of Art Nouveau, Vinterior has a wide range for you to choose from. Adding to your existing vintage collection or looking for one stand out piece for your bedroom, the dressing table is the sophisticated piece you are seeking.

In traditional mahogany or hand painted oak to match your palette, the dressing table can be as subtle or as striking as you desire. Relive the glamour and playfulness of the Edwardian era with a vintage dressing table. Browse our collection to find the perfect addition to your bedroom.