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To many, the dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in the entire household. Alongside its practical use as a place to enjoy a meal, it has a more symbolic meaning as the location in the house where families and friends can come together, and this is why the dining table has formed a crucial part of the home for thousands of years. Whilst styles have changed drastically over time, from beautiful vintage dining sets through to the Mid Century dining tables of the 1950’s, one thing has remained and that is our love for these practical pieces. We know that some may prefer a retro teak table whilst others will be on the lookout for a show stopping antique piece, so take a look at the wide range of dining tables below and pick the one that is right for you.<br><br>As an item that will be used every day, it is very important that you choose the right dining table for your needs. That is why we will be taking a look at a few of the most popular types of dining table and telling you a little more about them here.

Learn More About Vintage Dining Tables

A relatively broad term, ‘vintage’ actually refers to furniture that was made anywhere between 30 and 100 years ago. This means that there is an abundance of vintage table and chair sets for sale, and there are many different styles and shapes for you to choose from. Vintage dining tables can range from the rustic farmhouse style tables popular in the early 20th century through to the sleeker, more modern designs of the late 1980’s so it is up to you when choosing a preferred style. As there is such a wide range on offer here, choosing a vintage dining table gives you the chance to really show off your creativity and own unique style.

Tell Me More About The Mid Century Dining Tables and Chairs You Have For Sale

If ‘vintage’ is an extremely broad term then ‘Modern Mid Century’ is the complete opposite of this! Any furniture roughly between the years of 1933 to 1965 comes under the umbrella term of Mid Century Modern, and this of course includes dining tables. The 1950’s was a particularly productive time for designers, and many different and unique designs came to the fore including pedestal tables and the ingenious circular extending tables. If you are looking for a dining room table that had the perks of modern design but has still managed to keep its character, then Mid Century Modern is the place to start!

Have You Considered Teak Dining Tables?

One of the most versatile woods out there is teak - the perfect material for a strong and sturdy dining table. Teak has the almost unique ability to work perfectly as an ornate piece which could form a focal point in your dining room, or as a sleek and contemporary table if that is more your style. Teak is a beautiful wood and thanks to its adaptability, it can be used in any home.

Retro Dining Tables vs Antique Dining Tables - Which is Right For You?

With the different options available in the world of dining tables, you may be left wondering which is the right type for you. For every person who prefers the look of a retro dining set, there will be someone who prefers the aesthetics of antique dining table. Once you have taken a few essential considerations on board such as the size of the table compared to the room you are looking to keep it in and the number of people that will be using the table then it is all down to personal preference. So whether you love Ercol dining room furniture, or you much prefer the ancient style of the refectory tables we have for sale, we know that there is the dining table for you on Vinterior. All that is left for you to do is find it!

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