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Antique Throws

Used to snuggle up under on a cold winter’s eve, to protect delicate pieces of furniture or to jazz up a worn loveseat, antique throws have a myriad functions. Each different culture has its own unique style of blanket and quilt, offering a limitless number of interesting décor styles. Browse the Vinterior website to see what hidden gems you can find.

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How can I incorporate antique throws into my home?
Antique throws are incredibly versatile soft furnishings that can be used in a variety of ways. If you have a tired-looking sofa or armchair in need of reupholstering, a throw will instantly spruce up the piece. Pick a neutral coloured throw to help blend mismatched chairs with the surrounding décor or go all out with vibrant patterns to create a unique focal point. You can also try layering different antique throws to add texture and interest to a space. Colourful antique throws with tassels and fringing can help create a quirky boho look, especially when combined with an assortment of cushions or rugs.

Antique throws also make a great addition to a bedroom. Drape a lace coverlet over the end of the bed for an elegant Victoriana vibe or opt for a floral quilt for a country style aesthetic. For ultimate luxe, use antique gold throws to give your bedroom that opulent, boudoir feel.What is the best way to clean antique throws?
Antique throws can be incredibly delicate and need to be carefully maintained to keep them looking their best. How you clean them depends very much on the age of the throw and the materials it’s made from. If you’re unsure, it’s best to contact a professional dry cleaner specialised in the cleaning of antique furnishings. Look carefully at online reviews or ask around for advice before you make your decision.

For minor spills and stains, spot cleaning by spraying the affected area with cool water and blotting with a clean cloth can work a treat. Never use hot water, especially on natural fibres, and avoid any type of chemical cleaner. Always make sure you know what your antique throws are made of and look up the relevant advice before starting the cleaning process. Follow expert advice and your antique throw will retain its beauty for many years to come.Where can I buy antique gold throws?
Restoring a period home? Want to bring a little history and culture to your surroundings? If you’re looking for antique gold throws or any antique furnishings, the Vinterior website is a great place to start your search. Our network of over 1,800 independent sellers can help you find those perfect pieces that tie your home together; from antique throws to vintage vases, stunning paintings and more.

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