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Jindrich Halabala Lounge Chairs

Jindrich Halabala, a Czech designer particularly known for his joint efforts with UP Company situated in Prague, was the original designer of the Halabala designs. The household items designed by Halabala are renowned for their quality, comfort, and robustness, often with signs of Art Deco flair. They are extremely versatile for any kind of interior on account of the correct balance between functionality and visual appeal. Browse the Jindrich Halabala chairs listed here at Vinterior today and find your inspiration.

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A bit about Jindrich Halabala

Not only was Jindrich Halabala a key figure in furniture design in the former Czechoslovakia, he was also an influential writer and educator. As with many designers of his era, the pressures and challenges of working before, through and after the Second World War undoubtedly influenced both the type of materials that he used in his designs and the styles that he ultimately brought to market.It was Halabala’s belief in the importance of functional, well built, modular and mobile furniture that led him to create many of his signature designs as chief designer of United Arts and Crafts manufacture – known as UP.

Choosing Jindrich Halabala chairs

Halabala's designs include tables, chairs, sideboards, flower stands, drawers, couches, lamps, and many more others. His style is possibly best described as a fusion of Art Déco, Czech Cubism, and the European mid-century innovation. Through his H and E lines of furniture, Halabala worked with not only woods like beech but also with steel to create tubular pieces.Browse our listings here at Vinterior and perhaps the most eye-catching designs you will find from Jindrich Halabala will be his reclinable armchairs. These cantilevered designs, which were delivered in UP's Hodonín branch, are profoundly sought-after to date on the vintage market.The most conspicuous feature of Jindrich Halabala armchairs is probably their bentwood arms, which sweep in a wide horseshoe shape and add a very distinctive look to any environment. Halabala chairs are available in a range of different materials and many of his earlier pieces from the early 1900s have been reupholstered in bright and bold colours – giving you the opportunity to make a real statement in your living room, snug or study.A beech bentwood chair from the 1930s, such as his Model No. 2, comes with a fully sprung seat and is both chunky and delicate, giving you the flexibility to use it in everything from bohemian interiors to Scandinavian minimalist rooms or even in an industrial setting to add a touch of cosiness.By the 50s, Jindrich Halabala’s portfolio had grown and you will find a number of different pieces listed here at Vinterior. If you are looking for a modern, funky dining chair or breakfast bar seating solution, take a look at the retro chrome and plywood chair. Alternatively, for a mix and match effect at your mid-century modern dining table, why not consider a set of beech Art Deco chairs with made for UP Zavody with a simply upholstered seat. The high, spreading back of these seats helps to give them an air of sophistication, without being as formal or opulent as perhaps a Victorian or Georgian design.

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At Vinterior, we have taken the time to establish the best designs of Jindrich Halabala chairs that will best suit your style. Tour our website and you will find listings from many of our 1000+ sellers across the country. As the leading online marketplace for antique, vintage and artisan furniture, there’s nowhere better to find furniture with genuine character. Find your inspiration today.