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Stag is a name synonymous with high quality furniture. From their individual designs to their lovingly crafted durability, every item of Stag furniture is an item of true finesse. This is especially true of their Minstrel collection, which – as one of the most popular furniture ranges of the 20th century – features beautiful bedroom furniture. Among the many fine pieces in the Stag Minstrel collection, you will find some truly stunning dressing tables. These fashionable and functional pieces can be easily slotted into any bedroom environment, giving you the perfect place to prepare yourself for the day ahead . . . or perhaps wipe away the signs of the busy day gone by. Explore the range of dressing tables from the Stag Minstrel dressing table range today right here at Vinterior.

Why choose a Stag Minstrel dressing table?

Since its earliest beginnings, Stag has been a leading provider of mid-century furniture designs and a heritage British brand. In the 1960s, Stag was already one of the most popular furniture manufacturers in the UK, becoming popular in many homes throughout the country and the go-to name for living, dining and bedroom furniture. The signature design, style and quality associated with the brand were well known and appreciated, as they still are to this day.

In fact, Stag’s popularity has continued to grow over time, as the brand is constantly reinventing itself to reflect the requirements and desires of the modern furniture customer.

Throughout the mid-century period, Stag released some of the most iconic furniture ranges in the UK. After the success of the Stag C range (which celebrated clean lines and minimalism) and the Stag Madrigal range (which took a different turn by reflecting 18th century elegance), design consultants John and Sylvia Reid combined their efforts to create the iconic Stag Minstrel range.

This new approach explored both traditionalism and modern design. Made from both solid and veneered wood, the Minstrel range boasted decadent designs with plenty of functionality, and went on to become Stag’s most popular furniture range to date.

Among the furniture featured in the Minstrel range was the Stag dressing table, which actually became the face of the range in its 1960s marketing material. Stag Minstrel dressing tables are often finished in cherry mahogany and lined throughout in mahogany veneer to reflect a golden age in British design. The cleverly put together design offers the practical and functional perks of modern furniture while also looking as elegant as any traditional 18th century piece.

Needless to say, this helps the dressing table shine as a real statement piece in any bedroom environment. The design also offers plenty of storage and surface space to help keep your bedroom uncluttered.

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