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Certain items of furniture just exude elegance, and a Stag dressing table is surely one of them. This simple addition to your bedroom can instantly bring a sense of luxury to the space, while also providing you with a practical place to get ready for the day in peace. Seeking out the right dressing table can feel like a difficult task, but by exploring pieces by leading brands like Stag, you are guaranteeing yourself a high quality end result. You’ll find a wide selection of Stag furniture right here at Vinterior, including some stunning dressing tables. So, why not take the time to explore today? Enjoy browsing the Vinterior collection of vintage and retro Stag dressing tables.

A bit about Stag

Stag has been one of the most popular furniture brands in the UK since the middle of the 20th century. As a heritage British brand, it has earned its reputation as a provider of high quality, attractive and unique furniture designs. Thanks to its lead design consultants John and Sylvia Reid, Stag was responsible for some of the most iconic pieces of furniture of the 20th century. Their initial Stag C range in the 1950s celebrated the power of minimalism, while the later Madrigal range took a different turn by echoing the elegance of 18th century designs. This range was updated to the Stag Minstrel range in 1964, bringing the most aesthetically pleasing elements of the brand’s past ranges together by celebrating both past luxury and modern simplicity. It was the Minstrel range that took the company to new heights as it went on to become Stag’s best selling range.

Vintage Stag dressing tables for sale

Today, Stag is constantly reinventing itself to reflect the desires of the modern furniture shopper. Their extensive range of modern and vintage pieces includes chests of drawers, wardrobes, sideboards, bedside tables and, of course, dressing tables. Stag dressing tables feature many signature elements, depending on their era. C range dressing tables possess a striking combination of walnut and black melamine for a sleek finish, while later creations are more decorative with ceramic handles and dovetail joints.

A brand like Stag showcases furniture designs that are as diverse as they are durable. Indeed, the breadth and depth of styles can be found right here at Vinterior where we are proud to list many items. If you are looking for a dressing table from Stag or another celebrated designer, you’ll find what you’re looking for right here.

We seek out pieces with their own story to tell, which is why vintage Stag pieces, such as their dressing tables, fit so perfectly into our collection. Each of our items is unique, reflecting an aesthetic charm as well as a practical appeal of durability, reliability and sustainability. Stag is just one of the leading mid-century brands you’ll find here.

Pieces from the past and present

Vintage, artisan, antique, retro and mid-century furniture are all featured in our collection. However, we also understand the importance of new furniture, especially as Stag and other brands are still creating beautiful items of furniture to this day. So, you will also discover a wide selection of contemporary and modern furniture items at Vinterior. Each of these possess the charm and character you would expect from the finest vintage pieces, from designers with a strong track record for excellence.

Vinterior is the perfect place to find inspiration for your interior design, and maybe even the perfect addition to your home. Browse our collection today.

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