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Side tables are so much more than just additional surface space in your home. While it may be true that they come in handy as a perch for your drink or even a few nibbles, side tables also play an important role in enhancing the look and feel of any social space. Side tables are often used to book-end seating areas, contributing to the overall look of a room. This means that the style, material and colours you utilise in your side tables requires careful consideration.Fortunately, at Vinterior we have a huge selection of side tables for every taste. From mid century chic to modern minimalism; antique style to vintage charm, you can find it all under one roof here on our website.

Adding style with new and mid century side tables

Side tables come in all shapes and sizes and can perform any number of tasks in the home. They may double up with a coffee table to provide space for books, magazines, coasters, lamps and diffusers in the living room, yet side tables can also be used in hallways in place of a console table.

Vintage Side Tables

Whether your décor is suited to a vintage side table or something brand new and a little bit quirky, it’s important to take the time to consider the different materials and combinations available to create the right ambience in your home.

From chunky, rustic wooden side tables to industrial wrought iron-framed pieces, side tables needn’t be a subtle addition or a mere afterthought. Try a teak Formica tripod table for a 70s vibe or perhaps a Louis XVI style mahogany pedestal if your home needs an extra touch of grandeur.

Among the most charming options you will find here at Vinterior are the side tables featuring decoupage designs. This style is identifiable by the creative use of paper cut outs to create truly unique designs, adding both character and colour to any space.

French nest of tables

Nest side tables are a great way to bring extra surface space into your home, especially if you like to entertain and need to make sure you have enough room for displaying drinks and snacks. Conversely, nest side tables can also be a useful way of providing dining space in homes where there is little space for a formal dining table. Whatever your requirements, there are a range of furniture solutions to explore at Vinterior, from English Georgian table designs to elegant French nest of tables. French nesting tables often showcase innovation in design, producing the perfect blend of luxury and functionality.

Designer lamp tables to add luxury

Is there a better way to add both surface space and luxury into your home than with designer lamp tables? At Vinterior you’ll find lamp tables from a range of classic tables, like Paolo Buffa and Hans Kogl. Some of the best designers from Europe and beyond are responsible for the designer lamp tables we offer, and we also stretch further back in time to offer stunning antique nest of tables and side tables. These can be used to fit perfectly into an already traditional space, or to add contrast within a more modern contrast.

Artisan and vintage side tables for sale

Whether you’re looking for a specific period with antique side tables, a specific location like a Danish side table, or just something generally interesting and retro, you’ll find it here at Vinterior. We believe that furnishing your home is an important way to express yourself and create intrigue. By choosing from our broad selection of bespoke and vintage side tables you can add a piece to your home that has its own rich history or unique story to tell.