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Sofas are an important investment. Over the course of its lifetime, you will spend a lot of time not only sitting on your sofa but also looking at it. After all, it is a rather large item of furniture that occupies significant space in your main social space. With that in mind, isn’t it important that your sofa does more than just provide a place to perch? Whether you are looking for the knockout style and durability of leather or the warm and homely feel of woollen upholstery, all our retro sofas are handpicked from history for their visual appeal and ability to fill a room. Many of the styles you will find listed on our online marketplace are bang on trend, while others can be considered timeless classics. But each and every one has a sense of character and individuality that you won’t find on your high street today.

The right retro sofa for you

Sofas and couches come in many different styles. Arguably the most iconic and original sofa, the Chesterfield, is renowned for its deep button holes and rich leather quilt design. Yet there are many sofa styles inspired by trends from around Europe that you may wish to incorporate into your living room décor. A Danish DUX sofa with wooden feet and tactile tweed upholstery is a great example of this. Often available in a variety of different colours, it is a versatile sofa that can accommodate many different forms of interior design. Yet it’s never better used than in a more sparsely furnished room with hardwood floors.

But whether it is a retro Italian sofa or a traditional Scandinavian creation, retro is a look that will certainly gain you appreciation from your guests. The 1950s and 60s were truly great decades for sofa design. As the modern family home became more focused around evenings spent in the living room – often facing the TV, of course – making a statement in the living room became very important. As a result, you’ll find some fantastic examples of retro sofas here on Vinterior, created during a time when designers were inclined to test new ideas.

When to buy retro

Whether you want to completely redecorate or just add a specific touch of design to a room, buying retro and vintage furniture is a choice you won’t regret. Often the construction and manufacture of these classic and popular designs far exceeds that of modern furniture. If you are going to be sitting on something every day you want it to be both comfortable and attractive. Something that catches the eye and has that special unique touch is much more likely to get used.

The designs of the past, such as the 1940’s leather Chesterfield or 50’s Danish DUX by Folke Ohlsson have not since been beaten. The wooden legs and delightful colours of these fine-looking specimens really add something special to the room. When you buy second hand retro furniture you can be assured that what you are buying has been lovingly restored but with the original charm and brilliant design very much intact.

Sit Back and Enjoy the View

Sofa browsing is an enjoyable experience whether done online or in person. There is something about the timeless appeal of these designs that means it will be easy to picture in your own space. You won’t be disappointed and there is a lot of choice so take your time.

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