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Whether used indoors or out, rattan bench seats have long been considered to be a stylish addition to the home. Rattan has been used to make furniture since the earliest times in the East, however it didn’t become popular in the West until the late 19th and early 20th century when its strength and resilience was recognised. Discover Vinterior’s rattan bench seats today, and sit in retro style, either indoors or outdoors.

Introducing rattan bench seats

It was the Japanese who finally honed the art of making beautiful rattan furniture, and in Eastern countries like its native Indonesia, rattan was used to make all kinds of furnishings and other items like baskets.

During the 1930s and 40s, rattan furniture made its way into Western furniture. It became extremely popular with homeowners of all kinds, and was fashioned into items for every room of the home from bookcases and shelving units to bed frames, sofas and tables.

Benches have been around for a very long time. The homes of ordinary people boasted benches rather than chairs until the 20th century, however these rattan bench seats brought a new edge of elegance to a traditional piece of furniture. Thanks to rattan’s aesthetic appeal and exotic look, bench seats made from this natural material became popular for both indoor and outdoor use. The casual appearance made them perfect for conservatories and sunrooms, and even today, rattan bench-style seating proves popular in all kinds of homes.

What to look for from rattan bench seats

Rattan bench seats have a very casual appearance, making them ideal for outdoor areas and informal spaces such as conservatories. However, depending on the style of your interior design, they can work equally well in a living room too.

Usually boasting curved lines and elegant yet simple shapes, vintage rattan bench seats tend to have a cage-style appearance and are designed to be used with cushions over the top for extra comfort. Unlike modern rattan furniture which usually has a more industrial shape, vintage pieces have a more exotic look which brings an enhanced sense of character and style into your home or garden.

While there is no shortage of rattan furniture available on the market today, vintage benches are distinctive in appearance and will instantly draw the eye of your house guests when they visit. Many contemporary rattan items of furniture are actually made from synthetic material, and so showcasing an original bench made from rich, organic materials will instantly turn even the most nondescript space into an appealing one.

Vintage rattan bench seats are also very strong and resilient, despite their gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing appearance and have already been proven to stand the test of time. You can depend on a vintage rattan piece of furniture to withstand regular use without any problems.

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