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Ercol furniture remains one of the best-known and loved furniture brands in the UK. First launched onto the market in the 1920s, Ercol was originally established by an Italian furniture maker who wanted to bring beautifully crafted, high quality, yet affordable furniture within easy reach of everyone. Among the many beautiful designs from the brand, you’ll find some stunning bedroom furniture, from beds to chest of drawers and, of course, dressing tables. Find a beautiful Ercol dressing table today from our listings.

Why choose Ercol dressing tables?

The Ercol range of furniture is characterised by its impressive quality and exquisite workmanship with attention to detail. Made from unusual woods such as elm and beech, an Ercol dressing table has an attractive and beautifully crafted appearance.

Usually featuring narrow, tapered and splayed legs, an Ercol dressing table has simple and minimalist lines with several small, narrow drawers that are ideal for storing odds and ends such as jewellery or papers.

Often featuring an integrated mirror with a simple matching wood frame, a vintage Ercol dressing table brings a retro feel into any bedroom. Whether it is a mid-century modern style you are seeking, a Scandinavian “Hygge” vibe or just a touch of luxury to an otherwise neutral and bland bedroom, you won’t go wrong with an Ercol dressing table.

Vintage Ercol dressing tables: the company behind the furniture

Ercol originally focused on manufacturing chairs after taking over the Walter Skulls chairmaking enterprise in the 1930s, although the Second World War saw them having to shift their focus to tent pegs for several years.

After the war, there was an enormous demand for well built, functional furniture. Utility furniture was widespread, with plain yet serviceable pieces being mass-produced in England. The Ercol brand perfectly suited the ethos of the time thanks to its minimalist approach, simple lines yet high quality craftsmanship. Even more importantly, Ercol was using a highly innovative steam bending method to produce furniture even more rapidly, and was using woods not normally used in furniture making – elm and beech. The result was that the brand carved out a successful niche for itself.

The Windsor chair in 1947 made Ercol a household name and soon a range of other furniture items came onto the market. From bookcases to tables and from beds to dressing tables, Ercol furniture became synonymous with style and quality. A vintage Ercol dressing table is strong, sturdy and robustly built to last a lifetime, and thanks to its unique character and personality, it adds a touch of heritage and sophistication to your bedroom.

We sell new Ercol, too

The Ercol brand is still going strong today, and it’s still possible to find beautifully crafted Ercol dressing tables on the market now. If shopping for antique or vintage products isn’t for you, then you can find an eye-catching selection of new Ercol pieces here at Vinterior. By investing in the latest quality items rather than cheap flat-pack furniture, you will be purchasing the vintage products of the future.

Find a vintage Ercol dressing table at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, we are passionate about finding and supplying beautiful and elegant antique, vintage and retro furniture and decorative home items. Our aim is to inspire you to incorporate heritage, history or just character into your own eclectic interior design schemes, and to bring the past back to life in your 21st century rooms. Whether you’re furnishing an entire home or whether you are looking for a particular piece to give your home a unique edge, we have the perfect solution for you.

Browse Vinterior’s stunning range today and discover spectacular vintage Ercol dressing tables that will bring retro style into the heart of your very own bedroom.

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