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Whether you’re doing work, displaying ornaments or sitting down together for a family meal, the right tables are absolutely essential to any functioning home. Coffee tables, dining tables, desks, beside tables and nests of tables can all completely transform the way your home looks and feels, but first you need to find the right design to introduce into the space. Eames is one of the leading brands behind the iconic sleek designs of the mid-century, and as such many people are still looking to introduce Eames tables into their home today in order to make a much-needed fashion statement. You’ll find a wide selection of Eames tables here at Vinterior. Enjoy browsing our Eames table collection today.

Why choose a vintage Eames table?

Among the many pieces of furniture Charles and Ray Eames designed were a stunning selection of tables, from desks and coffee tables to dining tables and sideboards. Each of these pieces possesses its own individual flair, perfectly blending nostalgia and modernity; both standing out and fitting in to any environment. The signature Eames table possesses a deceptively simple design, featuring elements such as chrome frames, laminate coatings and a shimmering finish.

Eames coffee, dining tables, desks and sideboards

While Eames tables may not be the most opulent or grand, the contrast of materials and shapes make any Eames table an eye-catching addition to the home.

The Eames backstory

Charles and Ray Eames were two of the most important designers of the 20th century. Together, they became known throughout the world for their ground-breaking contributions to a variety of fields, including manufacture, industrial design, graphic design and the photographic arts. But it is their work in furniture design which has truly stood the test of time. Their creations have led Eames to become one of the most recognised and celebrated mid-century furniture brands of all time, creating endless signature pieces which people continue to fall in love with to this day. Without Eames, the way we think about the form and function of furniture could be completely different.

Why Vinterior for Eames tables?

Vinterior is the best place to find vintage and artisan tables from Eames and other leading designers and brands. We are the UK’s number one online marketplace for unique furniture additions, with a collection that features many thousands of individual pieces all in one place. We specialise in premium vintage, mid-century, upcycled, antique and retro furniture, working only with selected furniture sellers to make it easy for you to find products of quality, craftsmanship and character.

We want every one of our customers to be able to experience the benefits of shopping vintage, from its durability to its design. Thanks to a focus on upcycling and repurposing, vintage furniture is also a sustainable furniture option, making your home a greener place and meaning you can invest in great furniture guilt-free. And unlike high street alternatives, a vintage table from a celebrated brand like Eames is only going to increase in value over time, making it a smart investment for fans of practical furniture solutions.

We list new Eames chairs, too

Of course, vintage isn’t all we specialise in. We look for furniture with its own charm, character and story to tell, regardless of its age. Many brands and designers, Eames included, are still successfully operating today. Eames continues to build on the success of Charles and Ray by creating ever more innovative and exciting pieces, and you’ll find many of these newer additions within our collection.

Need a new table for your home, or simply looking for inspiration? There’s no reason not to explore the vast collection of high quality furniture right here at Vinterior.

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