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When improving your home design, don’t push side tables to the back of your mind. Sometimes, it’s the supportive items that need to take centre stage. Selecting the perfect side tables for your home is just as important as choosing a dining or coffee table. You need to find designs you can be proud of from celebrated brands like Eames. Eames is one of most recognisable names in mid-century furniture design, and their side tables reflect this reputation for excellence. Even better, you’re in the right place to see them for yourself. Discover the range of Eames side tables right here at Vinterior.

What to expect from Eames side tables

Eames furniture ranges from seating and storage to a variety of tables, including dining tables, coffee tables and side tables. Eames side tables reflect the quintessential Eames look that people around the world have come to know and love. The key features of an Eames table often include gently rounded edges and Eiffel dowel style legs as part of a neat, clean design that is at home with a number of different décor styles.

If you’re looking for side tables from a premium brand like Eames, Vinterior is the perfect place to carry out your search. We are the largest online marketplace for vintage, antique and artisan furniture, featuring over one thousand of the highest quality pieces from a variety of designers, brands and independent boutiques. Despite the fat that our listings are extensive, it is important to note that we select our sellers carefully, ensuring that our customers are only searching through products of quality, craftsmanship and, above all, character.

Eames heritage design

If you’re a fan of mid-century furniture, you’ve probably heard of Eames. The brand’s contribution to 20th century interior design is practically unparalleled, and it all started when Charles Eames met his future wife Ray. The rest is history.

Charles & Ray Eames furniture

As a married couple, Charles and Ray Eames made huge contributions to the development of modern furniture and architecture, including the iconic Eames Lounge Chair of 1956. Through their work as creative partners, they made an impact in graphic design, art and film, but it is their furniture which has truly stood the test of time. Nowadays, Eames is revered as one of the most influential design brands of the last one hundred years, heralded for their innovative use of new materials.

Why shop Vinterior for an Eames side table?

Character is what you get when you choose Vinterior over the high street. Every single item in our collection carries its own individual charm, making it a completely unique addition to your home. If you were to choose two side tables from Eames for your home, each one would stand out as a unique piece of craftmanship.

The benefits of going vintage are endless, from style and sustainability to durability and reliability, but vintage isn’t all we do. We simply look for furniture with a story to tell, and sometimes the most fascinating stories are the most recent. Because of this, you’ll also find some stunning high quality contemporary furniture pieces and artisan creations from master craftspeople in our extensive collection.

There really is no reason not to explore our collection, no matter whether you’re actively shopping for home additions or simply looking for inspiration. Enjoy browsing Vinterior today, and find the ideal side tables for your home.

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