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There are few pieces of furniture as versatile as a console table, and there are few that have had such a rich and interesting history. The origin of console tables dates back centuries, with the earliest designs coming from Italy and France. In the aristocratic palaces and homes of the 1600s, a large console table was an absolute must, and their popularity continued through the century that followed. Thanks to their intricate detailing and theatrical design, they make a stylish addition to any room of the home, working just as well in a hallway or living room as in a dining room or bedroom. Explore Vinterior now and you will find not only inspiration for your next interior design project on our website but also an amazing range of beautiful console tables that will look wonderful in any room of your home.

What to look for in console tables?

The features of a console table will vary depending on its maker, the era in which it was built or the period from which it takes its inspiration.

One of the most interesting things about console tables is the fact that they are multifunctional, serving both a practical purpose and a decorative one. Some have inbuilt storage in the form of a drawer or shelf, while others have a freestanding appearance.

The earliest console tables derived their name from the brackets with which they were attached to the wall. These S-shaped brackets were known as consoles, and formed the main support for the table along with two legs that propped up the semi-circular top. While the original concept of a console table was to be purely decorative, later they became increasingly practical. Console tables of later eras were self-supporting, and usually had four legs rather than two.

Many console tables are narrow, allowing them to fit efficiently into small spaces such as hallways. You will also find half-moon-shaped examples that are especially useful for this purpose, creating a dramatic impression immediately upon entering the home.

Console tables which were crafted during the 1600s and 1700s frequently appeared in pairs or groups of four, often with matching stools and mirrors. These sets are often available today and are very popular among homeowners who are looking for elegant furniture to bring new life to their home.

Why buy an antique or vintage console table?

Although you could buy a console table from a modern furniture store, there are many reasons why an antique or vintage piece is a better choice for homeowners with a passion for style and sophistication.

Apart from the benefit of choosing a piece which has been beautifully crafted and built to stand the test of time, when you buy an original piece you are investing in an item which already has a wealth of history and heritage. The authentic character and personality of an antique or vintage console table is impossible to capture with any contemporary piece, and there is no better way to express your own flair and style.

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Whether you’re searching for inspiring ideas from the past to bring an exciting new flair into your living spaces or whether you want to recapture a little of the magnificence and glamour of the past, an antique or vintage console table from Vinterior could be perfect for you.

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