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Vintage Glass Pendant Lights

Browse our carefully curated selection of beautiful vintage glass pendant lights and vintage glass light shades, ideal for homeowners looking for truly unique items. From opulent and intricate glass chandeliers that add a statement focal point to a room to wall-mounted lights for an industrial aesthetic, our collection has options for everyone.

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Vintage glass pendant lights

We have a range of exquisite and bespoke vintage glass pendant lights available. Pendant lights can complement any interior space, from dining rooms and living rooms to hallways and bedrooms. From a large and grand space that needs a feature or statement light through to functional lighting to illuminate a specific space, our vintage glass pendant lights will add ambience and create interest, as well as adding a decorative feature with sparkle and shadow. Some lights will add targeted warmth, whilst others glow softly and create the impression of more space.

Vintage glass light shades

Transform your interiors with vintage glass light shades. Available in a vast array of shapes and sizes, they suit a whole array of decor styles and interior spaces. Glass lighting is flexible and can be used in all manner of homes and buildings. Whether you want something simple and classic or a shade that adds more elaborate, colourful design, our selection will have something for you. These pendant lights and lamp shades span all periods - from Victorian and Edwardian to Art Deco and Mid-Century Modern. Transport yourself back to the days of old with our vintage glass pendant lights and vintage glass light shades.

Art deco vintage glass pendant lights

Famed for its love of symmetrical shapes and bold patterns, the art deco period produced a host of stylish light fittings and pendant lights that are a popular part of our collection. In the 1920s and 30s, when electricity became more widely used, these glass pendant lights offered a bold statement choice. Some pieces have more of a French influence, which is where the movement started, whereas others have a louder and more American feel. These lights can make a wonderful design feature on their own, or alongside other Art Deco products, such as art deco beds, art deco desks and art deco storage units. They offer a timeless aesthetic that can seamlessly blend into any classic or more contemporary home.

Where to buy vintage glass pendant lights?

Support local businesses through our curated marketplace, which makes shopping for vintage glass pendant lights, vintage glass light shades, and other lighting accessories easy. Filter our product lines using location, age, condition, price, and more and find that perfect piece within minutes. We offer antiques, vintage, and Scandinavian modern furniture curation at its finest.