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Antique Chinese Plates

Chinese porcelain, in particular antique Chinese plates, is having a moment. Highly sought-after by collectors across the globe, pre-dynastic examples have sold for millions at top auction houses. Earthenware examples in their naive form are utilitarian and functional. They bring a minimalist, brutalist or industrial aesthetic into searing focus when dotted across a kitchen or displayed on a dresser. Alternatively, antique Chinese plates depicting blue and white glazing scream tradition and a country cottage vibe. At Vinterior, you’re sure to find the perfect Chinese-style plate to add to your home decor palette.

Opt for a Famille rose plate from the 19th century. Introduced as a painting style in 1720, the pale pinks and purples add a romantic flourish to an interior scheme or serving ware set. Or why not be bold and consider a large platter from the Qianlong period. Famous for their geometric shape, heavy-set porcelain, and hazy transfer print, these dishes can bring gravitas to the most mundane of Sunday roasts.

Add Far Eastern primise to your ceramic collection with an antique Chinese plate or two. Use them, display them, and marvel at them. Explore the exclusive edit below.

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The history of Chinese plates

Invented in China, porcelain was made for the wealthy in Chinese society spanning an epoch of dynasties as well as being exported on many trading routes. Unlike other artisan skills, Chinese plates were mass-produced on a huge scale. This meant that specific designers and painters were rarely recorded by name. However, as Europe began to see the fruits of Far Eastern exports in the way of Chinese plates, they began to be favoured by royalty and nobility across the U.K. and on the continent.

Nowadays, Famille rose and famille vert patterns are renowned for their delicate and intricate designs. In the Kangxi period between 1661 and 1722, greens and reds were used to paint beautiful Chinese scenes depicting tea houses and temples on unglazed ceramics. Lighter purples and pinks were introduced and more glazing techniques were explored to create the breadth of designs we enjoy today.

Buying genuine antique Chinese plates

As the market for Chinese plates has become buoyant, so have the number of fakes coming onto the market. At Vinterior, every plate has been hand-picked for its provenance and authenticity so you can shop with confidence. To spot a reproduction, look at the back of the plate. It shouldn’t look perfect and there should be wear to the base. After all, the plate may be two hundred years old or more. Try and find a mark. This will be painted and shouldn’t look fresh. And finally, feel the plate. An antique Chinese plate should be thin, intricate, and ping when flicked gently. A dullened sound shows an inferior quality.

Chinese antique plates can add a touch of the exotic and unusual to a home. They are true works of art and pieces of sculpture in their own right. Each piece is become scarcer and deserves to be loved once again. Shop sustainably, connect with our trusted seller network and add a smattering of Far Eastern charm to your home decor.

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