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Orrefors Crystal Collectibles and Art Glass

Orrefors Glass and crystal is the gold standard for glassware.

Made for everyday use, this collection suits the occasional wine lover, at-home entertainer, or the evolving connoisseur.

Even the most well-designed spaces can look empty without a tabletop finishing touch and shine.

Eternal and chic design heritage since 1898, for over 100 years, Orrefors stands for exquisite design, genuine craftsmanship, and local production.

In the glasswork Swedish region of Småland, Orrefors works with some of Sweden's finest designers to develop and preserve the Swedish glass-making traditions. Their outstanding glass designers include queen of Orrefors stemware Erika Lagerbielke, the Swedish sculptor Simon Gate and glass artist Sven Palmqvist. All have contributed to the success of Orrefors art glass and crystalware range by introducing a range of vibrant colours, using the latest techniques, and working alongside wine experts to craft varietal glasses to suit specific wines.

Orrefors is known for creating a powerful first impression. Make an eye-catching statement and enrich your foyer with a decorative vase or enhance your barware to make your drinking experience better than ever.

Undoubtedly, the Vinterior range of stemware, vases, and glassware is a conversation starter that welcomes and embraces guests into your home.

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About Orrefors

Did you know crystal can be graded according to the percentage of lead in the mixture? Standard glass contains silica, sand, soda, and limestone, whereas crystal has potash and red lead; both are substituted for soda and limestone. This process makes the crystal more brilliant; it glistens in the light, and when struck, it produces a sustained bell-like tone. The surface is softer, a necessity for intricate cutting and engraving. Orrefors Glassworks produce both crystal and art glass. Crystal is created from full and demi-lead, while their art glass collection is made from ordinary glass, hand-blown, moulded or pressed. Today, the Orrefors line also includes lead-free material. Orrefors was founded in the Kingdom of Crystal in Smalan, Sweden, in 1898 by Johnan August Samuelson. The story began in a dense forest area in 1726; it was initially an ironworks site, but iron production had become less profitable towards the end of the 19th Century and proceeded to close down in the 1890s. Here, the first glass production began to include window glass and bottles. Orrefors designers, glassblowers, cutters, painters, and engravers play a unique role, so every glasswork created is a distinctive and sophisticated piece of craftsmanship. When the finished glass leaves the works, no more than 15 different people have ever contributed to the production process. Renowned for working with some of Sweeden's most prominent designers, including Simon Gate, Edvard Hald, and Erika Lagerbielke. Designers Gate and Hald had the most significant impact on Orrefors' development and design. Both designers launched the Graal technique, a style that was never mass-produced and considered unique until this day. The sketched Graal design is engraved using several layers of glass; some are coloured then reheated. Hald's idea was that the finished vases would look like aquaria. The Gate's "Thousand Windows" engraved pieces, such as the famed "Bacchus Bowl", are estimated to be worth $50,000, and since 1925 fewer than a dozen have been produced. Hand-chosen contemporary designers continue to add to the legacy that makes Orrefors glass design so successful today. Its glass and artworks are available in many elegant styles, colours, and textures. Accessorise your space and add a final layer of personality to your home.

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