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Iconic Charles & Ray Eames Tables

What's unique about Eames tables? The numerous iconic fiberglass and lounge chairs overshadow these drop tables, Eames tables should get a look in and the recognition they deserve too.

The story harks back to the beginning of post-war traditionalism when Charles and Ray Eames developed the first version of a single segmented base, consisting of modular units that could support tops of different sizes.

Like their hidden gem of a house in Los Angeles hills, his molded plywood dining tables are often neglected treasures.

The table origin began in Eames office, boasting their own unique history and evolution; they would later serve many functional roles in the furniture market, a solution for dining, meetings, and work.

Charles had a thing for plywood and legs, so much so he created a wooden splint commissioned by the U.S. Navy. Refining his techniques, the practice of shaping plywood facilitated the development of the LCW and subsequent coffee tables and table bases.

With the construction of compact housing during the post-war, space-saver designs were in high demand, and no other design fit the bill better than the DTM tables; with their removable and drop-leg mechanism, the innovative concept became known as 'Drop Tables'.

Two of the most famous yet undiscovered tables are both remarkably long and tiny in contrast. From one extreme to the other, Eames created an ETR table, dubbed the surfboard and the LTR, a dwarf-like side table.

Be one of the few to snap up a rare and versatile Eames dining table today!

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About Charles & Ray EamesEames tables made it mainstream; the husband and wife duo wanted to create designs to please and be attainable for all; the conference table, the round dining table, and the molded plywood coffee table are all undiscovered gems.

Today, their works attract executives and artists to academics; this is the design story of Charles and Ray Eames.

Born in St Louis, Missouri, in 1907, Charles studied architecture at Washington University but left before graduating to open his own architectural studio. However, it was meeting Finnish architects Eliel and Eero Saarinen in Michigan which would change Charles' life. Eliel was chosen as president of the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1932, and his son, young Eero, befriended several students and professors, notably Charles Eames, Ray Keiser, and Florence Knoll.

The two brilliant architects, Eliel and his son Erro encouraged Charles to continue his studies at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan, and it was here that he met Ray, his second wife. They two married and moved to Los Angeles, collaborating to produce low-cost furniture designs from their Eames Office.

Charles worked on a design set for the famous MGM, but they would experiment with molded plywood in his spare time, using a handmade hot press machine they built dubbed the "Kazam!". An invocation of magical power effortlessly transformed flat, thin layers of wood into three-dimensional seat shells.

Tirelessly experimenting over the course of decades, not years, joining one-two and three-piece seat shells together of plywood, fiberglass, and aluminum highlight the duo's ongoing mission to create comfortable and aesthetically pleasing chairs and furniture.

The designer couple's characteristic method, philosophy, approach, and process earned a contract with the U.S. Navy to create lightweight plywood leg splints for wounded servicemen; today, they are coveted collectibles. They made domestic furniture with access to military resources, which led to their molded plywood success.

The first piece was the Eames Chair Wood model.

The early design story of the Eames Tables harks back to the 1940s when Charles and Ray Eames developed the first versions of segmented tables manufactured in 1964 in conjunction with the development of the soft pad chairs.

Their inspiration seemed to come straight out of a conference room, but their functional design concept was as crucial as ever.

Be it a conference area or a family room, Eames tables play a role in a variety of ambience settings. Get yours here today.

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